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  1. Hi guys, Today is my birthday and I'm frustrated. Two nights ago I popped a pimple a little too hard and ended up ruining the skin around it as well now I'm left with what looks like a cigarette burn on my face. Mir. I just wanted to put this out there because everywhere I've read has told me to keep the area moist however that's what I've done and guess what it's still oozing each morning. If I had of left it to dry up and flake off it probably would have been gone by now. So basically I
  2. Hi guys, I've been reading pretty much every thread possible on these forums and still haven't come across anyone sharing a similar story. So here we go. First off I by no means have severe acne but it is enough to make me wonder what's happening with my body. Going to a doctor never seems to help either because they're always brushing me off with different medications to try, that USUALLY in the end make it worse. Anyways, I had amazing skin just over a month ago... Went to Mexico, came hom
  3. Did you ever figure out the cause? This is happening to me.
  4. My derm just throws creams at me as well, which is why I don't enjoy seeing him. My GP is useless as well (as mean as that sounds) she just has no idea. The only way I know how to get rid of it for at least a little while is doing a month of antibiotics. I'm noticing though the spots are showing up rather close to my lips. I know Pd is suppose to spare a line around your lip border and that's just not happening in my case. I'm beginning to wonder if it's PD at all and perhaps an allergy/irr
  5. Thanks for the comment! I hate hearing about others with this rash but it is nice to know someone understands at the same time. After stopping the antibiotics the rash was gone for about a month. It just recently came back (not nearly as bad) and just in a few spots near my lip. It's been manageable but I've started another round of antibiotics just incase... That's so interesting about the formaldhyde because I still to this day don't know what my trigger is. My boyfriend works in construction
  6. I also just recently found this blog post about PD (http://zizaidermatology.wordpress.com/2012/08/22/that-rash-around-your-mouth-might-be-perioral-dermatitis/) and a lot of people were mentioning Balsam of Peru being a huge irritant for them. This is in a lot of products and foods. Just a thought?
  7. Hey guys, How are you both doing? I just recently had an outbreak of small spots near my bottom right lip. It basically looks like they're on my lip or right on the boarder and when I wash my face they break open and leak a clear fluid. I've never really had this on or this close to my lip so it confused me, not sure if it's actually PD. I did however get into a derm and he told me that is what I have and gave me some Aczone (topical antibiotic) I've been using it morning and night for only
  8. The pictures resemble POD. I doubt it's fungal - unless it's super duper itchy. Antibiotics would also significantly make any fungal infection worse. It sounds like you're using a lot of different remedies all at once and not sticking with one specifically. Personally I've always stuck with one remedy for 1 or 2 weeks and then let the antibiotics do the rest for the whole month. By the end of the month I'm clear. Try either the ACV/yogurt/honey/prescription cream for 1 or 2 weeks without anythin
  9. Well this is all good news if you ask me! I second your opinion on doctors and how useless they are. It's sad that I've become better at diagnosing myself and am able to just walk into a clinic and ask for the proper prescriptions. Very disappointing. Sounds like you have your PD figured out, which is great news. It seems like every case is slightly different and to know what really triggers your is great (and makes it easier to prevent). I've had it 4 times now, with the latter times not be
  10. So today is my first day not taking antibiotics. I've read a lot on this site about not quitting cold turkey but I decided to go that route and let you all know how it goes. Because it didn't have severe acne and it was more the PD I'm hoping my face won't flare up like crazy. Fingers crossed oh so tightly. Hoots
  11. Hey everyone, So I've survived this weekend and things are looking really good! Much better than last. Something in this last week of antibiotics really just kicked my PD in the butt. My skin actually looks normal, even the texture is almost back to normal with very minimal redness. I noticed a bump after I was drinking under my nose, but I'm beginning to think the acne I get under my nose isn't PD it's just plain old clogged pores, or my skin is too dehydrated. I have two more days of
  12. PD and any sort of dermatitis or eczema is so frustrating. That's a shame that the ACV is too irritating since so many people have had success with it. You're lucky you have a derm appointment so soon. I scheduled one and it's not till the end of March!! Brutal. I'm wondering if by the time I see the doc my rash will even be there. Hoping not. I know for a fact most detergents and fabric softener have SLS in it, as well as other harsh chemicals. It's best to find an organic one if you're wor
  13. Have you been using the ACV? Curious on how your treatment is working.
  14. I'm letting out a huge sigh right now.... Of relief. Today is a good day. There is hardly any redness in any of my PD areas, and the bumps are more or less gone. My skin looks really good to be honest. I'm on my last week and I just hope it can last this way for the rest of my antibiotics AND after I'm finished. I'll keep you posted. Hoots
  15. Hi everyone, So yes, It's been two days since I had my little freak out, and since I haven't posted you know things have went well. Two nights ago my lips were so oddly dry which made the area around my mouth tight and red, I've been moisturizing like crazy on my lip and things seem to look a lot better. The actual PD area looks great, some minor bumps, but it looks like my skin is thickening up, it just looks a little un even that's all. I think in time that will go back to normal. So I on