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  1. I used to do the regimen, it didn't work, now I just wash my face with normal soap when I shower in the morning, but nothing else at all, just the cloth. I got really mad at acne treatments when none of them worked and kind of gave up completely, then I just saw some guy washing his face in a movie with a hot cloth and thought I'd give it a try and it worked better than anything Ive tried. You probably shouldn't give up your regular routine, maybe just add this in if you're not doing it alread
  2. While I still have a few zits on my face, mostly whiteheads, I am sure my acne is on the way out finally, and how I did it is really simple. Im am 20 years old and have had really bad acne since grade 10. Blackheads, whiteheads that wouldn't go away and those big lumps that hurt with new ones coming up pretty much every morning. Really really really bad acne. Now for the easy part. all I do is every day I put a wet cloth in the microwave and get it really hot. 1 minute usually does it. T