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  1. 17 male here, after shaving i will almost always get a few white heads in some area, alot of times its around my chin or on the underside of my jaw, i know its the shaving because i have experimented and gone weeks at a time without shaving and have been virtually clear, then ill shave, be fine for the day, then wake up the next morning with a few zits, the same the next morning until i let my beard grow in. I use a mach 3 razor, and i change the heads regularly... with some generic shaving crea
  2. i have on the upside of 15... a few months ago when it was under controll i had 1 or 2 at a time.... sigh
  3. most everynight i have dreams about girls rejecting me in some form or another and embarassing me for my acne. im afraid to see girls i used to know and date and what have it... i wish it would just go away
  4. i hear you man, i skip out on tons of things including dates events family events ect because of my acne, its especially hard when you are used to getting positive attention... i used to get modeling offers and etc now im just someone nobody looks at twice. its rough and you just have to hope that it will get better
  5. i know exactly what your saying, and i dont know if its our minds playing tricks or if you can actually feel it forming...
  6. neither of my parents had real acne, my dad had a few breakouts but his was really mild... only in his teens, no one in my family has a bit of acne and my grandmother claims to have never had one pimple in her life. i think god hates me
  7. i really dont want to deal with it anymore. recently my pimples have been becoming increasingly frequent for no apparent reason (i havent done anything different) and my parents dont help for shit. "oh weil call the derm so you can wait fucking 2 months to get in and sheil prescribe you a bunch of bullshit that will just make your face worse" antibiodics seem to be the only thing to help if even.... i will always wake up with atleast 1 new pimple on my face. im 17 and i guess its been going on 4
  8. my grandmother has smoked for 50 years and hasn't had one pimple in her life.
  9. ill just add my two cent's, i pretty much lived off of cereal for a whole bit, and it overall, isn't the greatest thing for acne prone peoples. Milk + refined grains = . my skin improved when i started a more protein based diet
  10. if they do this shit, they had better put billlllioooons into acne research, in hope for better drug's / procedures. Highly unlikely considering the war mongering nature of this shit administration. I assume bush figures no one will see your acne in a coffin.
  11. i hate this bullshit. Someone who took accutane had a heart attack and OMFG IT MUST BE A RELATION! just like cigarettes, to this day they are still unable to directly relate cigarettes to any cancer / heart disease, they just make the observation that 40 percent of smokers die of carcinogenic ailment's. Whilst 30+ percent of all people have some form of cancer in their life. i want to see that person's genetic history, what he ate in a day, how active he was etc. gogo the MEDIA
  12. i went on it for 2 days, and i looked like a lobster. I had skin inches long dangling off my face at different times of the day. Me and retin a are not friends. benzaclin + sa wash 2x daily with a course of antibiodics has gotten me 95-99% clear.
  13. lol screw it, everyone likes the crack addict model skinny face look.
  14. Yeah, i would just like to have a personal estimate as to how much it would cost.. im thinking about getting it for a christmas preseant(great preseant eh?).. anyway help is greatly appreciated.
  15. just get a washcloth and wash with cold / hot water, i have same prob