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  1. What is the name of the clinic did you go Tokiogirl and how much did you pay?
  2. Gotcha, thanks a lot for the tips! Just wondering if this is the one we are talking about? Lumenis UltraPulse Fractional CO2
  3. I am wondering which one you did to focus on the ice picks scars? I don't want fix the texture since is okay now, but i really want to focus on the ice picks to try shallow them a bit more, which one you did focusing on that? Fraxel:repair or Ultrapulse Co2? thanks a lot
  4. guicbg


    I was wondering if that can be done in canda? I looked but could not find anything. I called the doctor in Vegas and they told me it was 2.500 the cost.. and i asked if that was full face she said yes, s i told her i had one scar and if the price range would change.. she said NO... Kind of stupid. I reather wait first if anyone wont be lumpy with this.. is to early to be that excited is not because was FDA aproved that wont offer any risk.... i Think still to early.. i don't wanna pay 2.5
  5. nice we are all waitig for your posts!!! keep us updated
  6. I think is really brave on people who does that. Some people do get scars from scabs, some people get rid of their scars doing it less agressive but many times... people who wants to go deep and tend to scar will eventually make things worse.
  7. I would focus on the LED lighs everyday for 10 min each area And lots of VIT C and collagen pills Maybe some ret A every 3 days .. depending how your sking react and also BP to renew your dead skin.
  8. Congrats keep it up!!! You should try the LED lights and self needling with insuline test lancets on the icepick scars you have.. i did those on mine it help to fill in much faster.
  9. So i bought this product after was almost getinga depressed scar after over iirtaded my skin where i had some pimples... i was walking around the marked i was shopping and found this producs Zim's Wound Care, Advanced Collagen Gel , though was very interesting and got it a few days... first i just put on the scared area....so at night i put on the entire face,, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My skin looked amazing.. te irritation was gone .. and the scar was flat like were never there!!! Tried loo
  10. I am also really want to knw which doc in L.A. i see you have said the name, but not the actualy fiull name or adress, please clear us up!! LOL Thanks
  11. HIclub what is Dr CHAr adress? Can you PLEASE GIVE us the info?
  12. Hey hiclub do You know the location of this doc cha in LA? And the name of this one in mexico? I am trying google an di snot coming anything
  13. Hello people this is my first post here and i was doing a research about a sunblock and i found ts one which looks to be very good 18% zinc oxide. i tried to google all the components and i am not sure if would be comedogenic or not!!! what you guys think??? ______________________________________________________________________ The NEW BurnOut Eco-Sensitive Zinc Oxide Sunscreen provides complete UVA / UVB broad-spectrum protection with no chalky whitening. A very water-resistant, lightweight