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  1. Thanks :) it has it's good and bad moments. If only it could stay consistently clear!

    1. Hello :D I came upon your page and your skin is so clear....

      1. I have been using the new Clinque "Even Better" foundation... it covers very well.... The makeup is formulated to help ppl with uneven skin tone and blemishes....it has special stuff in there that slowly gets rid of it apparantly.. I've only used it for a week..so idk if it works or not... but i have VERY oily skin...and it doesn't make me oily....but make sure to get ur right color matched by a person at the Clinque desk..because I thought i got my right colo..but it was too dark when i came ho
      2. DO NOT drink Apple Cider Vinegar..... My mother's friend took it orally to loose weight..it burned a whole in her esophagus and she died...just apply directly to ur face..
      3. This was really uplifting.. I can relate SO MUCH... I used to have perfect skin...and then all of a sudden it was like...What is on my face!!?? I used to be sooooo social and happy ALL the time...and now I sit at home at am not nearly as outgoing as I used to be...my self esteem is still pretty low...Even though I get people giving me compliments about my looks all the time..i just choose not to believe it u know.... but i feel u girl 100%
      4. gannabfamous

        6-7th week

        6th-7th Week of doing my regime....
      5. Hi there! I haven't been on here for months! :X I just wanted to thank you for responding to my post. Thank you for your advice :D It's just my pessimism that makes things worse for me, you know? :/ I'm trying to work on that >. Cheers!

        1. Hey guys! Well I've been on the Regime for about 5 weeks now... And i have to say it has worked WONDERS... I do get a white head or two every now and then... But this topic is about how to tackle the dryness and flakiness that comes along with BP... I just figured this out today and I've only done it tonight...but i will re-post if it works in the mornings too.. I take my showers at night and tonight i got to thinking...wouldn't it make more sense to put on your BP or lotion right after you
        2. gannabfamous

          5th Week

          It will be my fifth week tommorrow:D so far doing pretty good
        3. Hey! Me and you are having the same problem.... Im very flaky... but i noticed as the weeks progress the flaking gets less and less.. however it is still a lot... In the first 2 weeks you should only put the recommended amount.. which is about 1/4 of a finger then gradually work your way up to 1/2 a finger then by the 3rd week use a full fingers use... I have a question though... Are u using the jojoba oil?? cause im thinking about ordering it....im just afraid of either A) getting TOO greasy an
        4. gannabfamous

          3rd Week

          This is the 3rd+ week I've been on the Regime. I was doing REALLY well until I went to Austin for a BPA trip and forgot to bring my own face towel and my face broke out from the heavy bleach they use on EVERYTHING! I was really upset... I got about 5-6 new ones....but they have gone away pretty fast... I got like 4 on my forehead, which never happens, I never break out there... My chest and back have gotten a lot better with the AHA i've been using... I have lots of discoloration from old acn
        5. I use Mabelliene too! I use the mouse foundation...which lasts FOREVER and i put it on with a big powder brush so it doesn't look cakey at all...and i have never broken out b/c of it... but B/c u do get more flakey with Dan's Regime..I would probably use a foundation or tinted moustierser if you want it to be less heavy... I've heard good things about Neutrogena's "Skin Clearing" oil free foundation. It has Salicylic Acid in it...which is good for clearing up acne and blemishes...and is CHEAP
        6. Thanks for the advice! I will buy the jojoba oil and Dan's BP this weekend!

          Good luck as well on the Regime!

          1. First thing, good luck on the regimen :), and I don't think you are as bad as I was when I started so hopefully you should clear up sooner. Advice: 1) buy jojoba oil, it is the key to not be too flaky, try it just at night so that you do not look greasy during the day and I know you may be thinking, oil? On my face? It’s not actually oil it’s more of a wax I could not live without

            1. This is a full week's work of me being on Dan's Regime....