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  1. Since it has been so hot lately, I notice my back gets sweaty and I am afraid it is going to ruin all my cloths with BP stain. I am a girl and wear tank tops, so wearing white undershirts daily is not an option for me. What do you guys do to prevent this?
  2. Dan is the best - I got my replacement plus more today. Not only does his products work MAGIC, but he always makes me want to get the word out there about Acne.org. Customer service really is key to success. THANKS DAN!!!!!!!!
  3. expiration: 1/11 - Just like everyone else. It doesn't work as well for me. It's the first time I have been breaking out since I started the regimen. It's not horrible, but not as efficient.
  4. It's brand new - I just bought it and it hasn't expired.
  5. Did something change in the BP? I just got a new batch and it smells funny and burns when I apply it. That has never happened to me before.
  6. Dan I noticed the new formula burns a little (the other one never burned) and it smells a little different. Non-the-less it works the same, but why does it burn and smell different?
  7. No matter what lotion I seem to use, I ALWAYS break out in that area. If I apply thin layers of lotion nothing happens, but in areas that get really dry I always lather it on good and then I break out. I know you are probably thinking "than use less lotion", but I CANT in certain areas cause my skin is so fragile there. I have tried cetaphil, neutrogena, and Dan's lotion (which is the best for not breaking out but the worst for a thick moisturizer). Any suggestions?
  8. Hi, you REALLY need to get this taken care of RIGHT away. I understand that you want to be natural, but if your not finding a cure in 2 days then get medications. In my profession we deal with this all the time and you are really going to hurt your baby if you don't get treatment soon.
  9. You know I do, but I only wear cover up on my scar areas as a spot treatment so to speak, with some blush and that's all. I try to stay away from all makeup even though they claim to be okay for acne, none of them really are. The best way to do it is to have a week off (like spring break) and dont wear any make up anywhere, and use tons of BP that week (who cares if you peel) and get clear during that week so that way you wont have to wear much make up after that. But it takes a good week of
  10. Where are you guys getting your 5% BP? I would like to try some.
  11. How BP works on acne is producing O2 which kills the acne bacteria. So, I see it working possibly by the vaseline creating a barrier that doesn't let O2 escape and stay in the skin to kill more bacteria. However, it could do just the opposite and maybe the O2 needs to be released from the skin and not be trapped in. Interesting though!
  12. Has anyone ever noticed a difference in there acne by using one?
  13. ryan 10: It only took me about a month and a half to get clear completely, but before that when I was using it 1x a day it got worse and worse for a month. So, don't do that - You HAVE to do it twice a day. I also don't use Dan's cleaner because I just hate dealing with more shipping but I do like it. I just use cetaphil bar soap cause it's cheap and easily accessible. I do however, REFUSE, to use Dan's moisturizer because I don't think it does anything to moisturize even with jojoba oil. S
  14. Thanks for the link - All I pulled from that was basically more studies need to be done :/ It is assuring but yet not relaxing news.
  15. Can using large amounts of BP cause toxicity or cause any other adverse side effects. I read it can be carcinogenic, but is that concerning higher concentrations of BP? What have you guys heard? I don't know much about it and I would hate to be ignorant about what I am putting on my body to be absorbed everyday.