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  1. Hey, sorry for a late reply, but a late reply means that I had more time to experiment with this successful theory. Basically, I have tested this theory 2 times at night and 2 times in the morning and as long as you gently wipe off the BP from around the eye area with a q-tip the BP fumes won’t reach your eyes. I’ve even tested this to see how well it would work during the middle of the day in Vegas 100 degree weather, with sunglasses on, and the car’s ventilation blowing directly on my fa
  2. Ok I tried something out during this night's acne routine. I typed the previous post before I completed my nightly routine with the acne products. So this time I did 2 things, which helped stop it (at least for the night). 1) I remember the last 2 times I showered I just went ahead and applied the cleanser on my entire face (including eye area). No I didn't open my eyes but it did get in my eye area and on my eye lids. I would then rinse. THIS TIME, I applied cleanser to my face in the shower
  3. Hey. I just purchased the cleanser and BP from acne.org's store. That's my cleanser and BP, but I'm using Aveeno Ultra Calming Facial Moisturizer (w/ 15 SPF) plus Jojoba oil as both my moisturizers. I need 15 SPF since I live under the Las Vegas sun - go figure Anyways I'm having a problem that I haven't had before. I've used several different brands of BP and for some reason the BP I'm using from Acne.org immediately starts to sting my eyes as soon as I begin to dab it on my face. I've never
  4. Ok, first off: Dove soap, in general, isn't really intended for use on the face; Dove soap is a bathing soap for the remainder of the body. As a guy who doesn't really want to have to put up with an itchy feeling, after taking a shower, all over my body, Dove is a great solution to that problem - at least for me. If anyone really plans on using Dove, whatsoever, for one's face, I, personally, recommend using Dove SkinVitalizer. It's a vibrating device that you stick on little "pillows", add wat