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  1. It wouldn't hurt to try that acne free in 3 days thing.. its posted somewhere on this site. The eating apples for 3 days thing really improves red marks and existing acne from what I've seen from pictures that people have posted on the site.
  2. Not really any improvement.. but it hasn't got worse. I really need a good moisturizer to go with my simple regimen which now is a Clean and Clear cleanser instead of that grapefruit stuff and the same 2.5% BP.. I have added Niacin about 3 days ago, and no change at all.
  3. I've been wanting to try Dan's regimen, and I've went to a derm before and she gave me some pads and a tretinion? gel, not sure what the % was. I was on that for 2 months and it only got worse as far as I can remember. And again thanks for all of the replies, I really appreciate it.
  4. Thanks for all of the replies, I'm getting tons of help here. :]
  5. My regimen is a neutrogena salicylic acid face wash, that grapefruit stuff.. and a 2.5% BP cream. Not much, I could use a moisturizer if you have anything in mind.
  6. I need help. I have been doing the same routine for the past 2 years now and nothing has worked. I really really need someone's advice on how to clear this up. I'm willing to start a whole new regimen. I am really desperate.
  7. For you all who have outgrown acne.. what did you notice before you started to clear up? Seems that most of my facial redness has gone away, especially around my cheeks/nose area. I still have acne no doubt, and its still red around the monstrous mounds. Maybe I'm just giving myself false hope. *shrug*
  8. Can not having enough oil on your skin be a cause of acne? I've had moderate/severe acne for about a year now and mild acne for 3 years and my face has never really been oily. I was wanting to try B5 to clear up my face instead of using a cleanser and 10% BP, but my face ALWAYS seems dry/semi normal, even before I started using the 10% BP.
  9. Finishing up day 10. My face has a bit more oil, still no significant change. I have to let water trickle down my face in order to take a proper shower, is this bad?
  10. Ah kk Wapak. When do you think the right time will be? Once the dead skin falls off?
  11. Ah k.. See I'm having my doubts about this regimen for me, mainly because my skin is really dry for some reason, I quit the 10% BP cream 5 days ago, and my face is the same as it was for the most part. I'm not sure what this exactly means but I'm gonna stick with it for at least another 9 days to see how things go. EDIT: Got my first zit on my nose. YAY
  12. I don't mean to be rude, but how old are you? The no face wash thing works best when you are through with puberty from what I'm reading, basically because your hormonal acne is gone but the chemicals you keep putting on your face are aggravating it, causing it to spread etc. I'm only 16 but I'm giving it a try, on my 5th day.
  13. Sorry bout that, I thought that was day 5 for me. Anywho, today is day 5 for me. Seeing more oil on my face, no changes in anything except for one new zit on my chin. To give you an idea of what my acne is like, the middle of my forehead is almost covered, my cheeks near the nose area and below the eye is covered on both sides, and my chin is completely red and stays red. That is how its been for the past 2-3 years.
  14. Going on day 5 I believe, I've been seeing a lot of reduction in redness. Probably because of the BP I put on my face before this, but I haven't noticed any change in oil on my face yet, I'm usually normal when it comes to that, sometimes it can be oily others it can be dry. I haven't washed my face yet, I'll do so once I hit 7 days I think, or 10.. I've also been drinking tons of water and eating loads of veges
  15. Rish

    Water Only

    Aren't you only supposed to only wash your face like once every week or something? Until the dead skin falls off that is, after that you gradually increase it I believe.