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  1. I have used benzoyl peroxide on my face for about 7 years now. My acne is only non inflamed on my forehead and the occasional red zit on my lower face if i skip washing a couple of days. I feel like the benzoyl peroxide contributes to my very red face. should i stop using it and if so do you think my acne will come back or what should i replace it with? Thanks:) P.S. I use paula's choice bha at night most of the times now and benzoyl peroxide in the morning. The paula's choice also gives me red
  2. Im using paulas choice bha 2% and it makes my face face tight and shiny like almost like I have a plastic face. Is that okay or will something make that stop?
  3. I decided to post my before and after photos of being on proactiv. First I started using the whole system and my face was constantly red and shiny. After awhile I stopped using the first two steps and now just use the benzoyl peroxide. Now my regimen includes washing with cetaphil and then the proactiv benzoyl peroxide and like twice a week I use Paula's Choich 2% bha. Im justing showing this pictures because even though I still have very low self-esteem its nice seeing how far I have come in 7
  4. I don't get what your saying. How does it help with acne but its comedogenic?
  5. Totally disagree with halfpipe. The cleanser is one of the worst parts of the system! The only good thing out of the proactiv system is the bp lotion. I totally feel into the trap of thinking you needed all three and my face was red and raw all day. So i stopped using the cleanser and toner and all of a sudden my face didnt burn at all. My advice would be to stop wasting money on the rest when all you need is the lotion. Wash your face with a gentle NON beaded cleanser and use a small amount of
  6. When I use Paula's choice 2% bha it burns and makes my cheeks red. My forehead doesn't burn and thats pretty much the only place I really need it. Should I stop use or what?
  7. Im just wondering what you did. I have pretty severe social anxiety but I dont wanna pay a bunch of money to go to a psychologist. Okay more like dont have the money to pay for one. Are there any good books you read or any websites?
  8. Seriously i know this is gonna make me sound like a complete idiot that is fishing for compliments. Well i dont fricken care anymore. I am fishing for compliments or for god's sakes the truth. I dont know what to do. i hate myself so much so i want to know if it is all in my head or not. I dont care if i sound like a total loser. i really dont. so plz give your honest opinion so i can know. -thanks
  9. I'm 18 from Iowa. Hell yea corn!! This is about the only picture of me. An interesting fact is i like the philadelphia eagles and i look like 5 years younger than i actually i'm.
  10. FINALLY! Someone that has skin almost exactly like mine! Very pretty btw:)
  11. Are the ingredients bad for your face? It seems to work well for me.
  12. Does it even help? I've been on ortho tri-cyclen for about a month and it has done nothing for my acne. I have mostly non-inflamed acne does that have anything to do with it?
  13. Okay so I know that tanning is very bad but I'm going to prom and I really want to look nice. So I know that bp is very sensitive to sun. does anyone have any problems with their acne medication when they going tanning? If so what should I do?
  14. People should realize how good a compliment feels to someone with low self-esteem. I know that my whole day feels better when someone I do or don't know compliments me.