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  1. I wish there was a way to remove all my embarrassing posts in one go. I cringe too hard when I try to delete them one-by-one.

    Red, if this is you.... yeah I have nothing to say. I creep your profile once a year or so.
  2. He wasn't talking about being introverted or extroverted, nor does he say he's afraid of leaving some comfort zone. He has what I have felt at times; a growing apathy towards life. @Sue7, I have gone through periods of apathy and periods of outright excitement. I think the biggest factor for this excitement can be who I surround myself by. But you say you have a friend who is excited for you, so this may not be the case. When thinking about it, what also gets me excited is the possibility for
  3. haha, well, i wouldn't have believed it without seeing it first-hand. i think it's largely an evolutionary thing. even the quiet girls secretly have a thing for cocky guys, so it isn't just the stereotypical female bullies who are attracted to that type. it's up to the individual to decide whether to place more weight on sexual success than on decency and principles. can't really blame the guys who've taken the cocky route. whatever floats your boat.
  4. I was in a very similar situation just 4 years ago: my first time living on my own in a new city. Fairly low self-esteem, low confidence, and a pervading nonchalance that pretty much defined my interactions with people at the time. I wouldn't say it was caused entirely by acne, but my acne definitely added to the problem. I looked with extreme suspicion at anything that threatened to take me out of my well-established comfort zone. I suppose you're only 17~18; you have plenty of time to decide
  5. This looks mostly like razor burn to me. You might be shaving against the grain, which causes ingrown hairs (razor bumps.) I would suggest leaving the moist lather on for a few minutes before you begin, and NEVER shave against the grain until your beard hair is strong enough to break through the skin after a close shave. Basically, wait until your mid 20s to start shaving against the grain. I'm almost 23 and I still get problems on my neck when I shave against the grain.
  6. Confidence generally comes through with or without acne (within reasonable tolerances.) Many popular kids in my high school, for example, had bad acne. Many jocks on the football and rugby teams had it. They were still alpha-dicks, they still threw half-eaten apples at unsuspecting 9th graders during lunch period. They still got cream-of-the-crop pussy. This is especially true for guys: if you give the impression that you're the kind of guy girls want, then GIRLS WILL RUN TO YOU regardless o
  7. Sex in and of itself, i.e. the physical act, isn't all that it's trumped up to be anyway. This is especially surprising given the hypersexualization of literally EVERYTHING around you, haha. Rarely, if ever, is it the mind-blowing, state-of-nirvana type shit that you see in movies. Actually, it ends up being and feeling a little awkward most of the time. It becomes a lot more enjoyable when there's trust as well as a bond of some sort between the two people. If it's only the sex you feel lik
  8. I concur unconditionally with everything that is written in this thread. You all suck for not replying. Sarah rocks. Sarah knows her shit. Ya'll imbeciles better listen and take notes! I totally have your back, Sarah. Like, leave it to the expert of back-having
  9. great display picture bro

  10. Perfect response in the Amy thread dude lol.

  11. Nice mate, congrats on passing the first year. I am in my final semester of my course and I can't wait..! Not much down here mate, jus training, gaming and working :) Whatever keeps us occupied ; ) - Jus stoppin by to say hi mate, keep n touch

  12. Hey boss, long time eh? Not much is new, just finished 1st year of uni, and I'm doing odd jobs during the summer. How did the past year treat you?

  13. Hey mate, been a while. Hope all is well down at your end! What's new with yourself?

  14. Dude, I saw pretty much all your high-res pics from every conceivable angle. There's NOTHING wrong with your skin, just treat yourself to a nice wet shave from the local barber and you're set!
  15. I have always been mentally weak, and my skin affects me 24/7. Trying to get out of this funk and control my skin Just let it be, bro. No one has perfect skin. Everyone's got tiny whiteheads below their eyes. Everyone gets crows feet eventually. You seriously gonna sit there and waste your best years worrying about that crap? There's so much more to a man's life than that. Don't ever pity yourself; you're only as weak as you want to be.