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  1. I don't think I had any permanent side effects. Some did take a few months (probably 6) to disappear. Those were mainly flushing related, my face used to get beat red for no reason. After that though I felt fine. The only thing that I would say was different was that I needed glasses/contacts after my treatment, but I can't say that was directly a result of Accutane as my mother's eyes started to go bad around the age of 18 (the exact time when my did). My eyesight isn't terrible though, and it
  2. You'll probably have a hard time finding it in the states online because of the iPledge provisions.
  3. It was the stomach flu, and I basically lived off of water the past 24 hours haha. I knew it was coming, my best friend had it on New Years Eve.
  4. Just don't pick while on Accutane, because it will make your scarring worse. Other than that it seemingly improved mine last time. Just know if you so much as scratch your face wrong you might have a cut that takes 5 months to heal. Your skin will be EXTREMELY slow healing, so be careful. Hopefully your initial break out won't be so bad since you were maintaining with other drugs before. As far as your lips go, burts bee will probably be fine during the day. I found at night though I liked s
  5. Lord help me, I have the flu and it's TERRIBLE this year. Every bit of my body hurts so bad I can't move.
  6. Honestly, accutane is a drug that works based off of how much you take. So if you take 3 months of 30mg and that is the dosage your doctor has figured for your body weight it would essentially work the same as a 9 month course of 10 mgs. Accutane is a drug that works better the more your body has (which is why there are high rates of success to take it a second and third time). But you also need an effective dose. 3 months on 10mgs will not be nearly effective enough for what you are looking
  7. Day 3. Well I have two pills down. My face is neither better or worse, but last time I took accutane I never had an IB so I am hoping for that this time as well. We will see in a few weeks. No changes really, just a bloody nose, but that is typical for me in the winter. My mood is horrible though. I am sick of coming to work and my boss not telling me she isn't going to be here. In two months she hasn't been here at least 8 of the times I have been (I only work 3 days a week). And I
  8. I made the same mistake getting my eyebrows waxed while on Accutane. I used a scar gel and that helped them heal (if she removed skin). You'll notice a lot of a breaking out and clearing up about the first 2 months. I didn't have a single break out after that. I liked to think of it as the more pimples I got the more it was pushing out and I wouldn't have to deal with later on in the course. As for your nose bleeds, as gross as it is, I used vaseline or aquaphor on a q-tip inside my nose
  9. yes'm. I started my second round yesterday. I'm hoping this is my last one as I grow out of my 'teen' years and more into an adult. My acne is no where near as bad as it was, but it worked so well last time that I figured another shot was worth it. Were your rounds pretty easy or more difficult than one another for multiple courses?
  10. can we just talk about how incredible your eyelashes are? Super jealous. You have pretty similar acne to mine (mine cleared up for about 3 years after my first round of accutane). Unfortunately, mine is seemingly not managed by birth control, which is an option for me. But I have the same closed comodones and then the jaw line acne really bad. Hopefully this last round clears you up for good. My doctor has always said the more isotetorin you get in your blood the better off, so maybe that
  11. Day 1 I wasn't sure I was going to take my pill today, I feel awful and I'm 99% sure I'm coming down with the flu. I went ahead and took it though. Not much to update on right now. It's just going to be an up hill battle for dryness through the winter. As it is my face is already flaking from the harsh winter air. Good thing I have my trusty cetaphil at the palm of my hands. And just an FYI: If you have super bad dryness with your Accutane I strongly suggest cetaphil moisturizer in the TU
  12. Having tried almost everything might be the most frustrating thing in the world. Thank you, I hope your round is good too!
  13. No, she didn't last time either. When I asked she suggested either a glass of milk with it after dinner (but I believe in staying clear from dairy for my acne). But she has also said that a normal, balanced meal should be fine as well. I asked because of this in a recently published paper: "Patients may not be aware of the need to take oral isotretinoin with food, as many physicians tend to prescribe isotretinoin without specific instructions to take with food, and others may assume that admini
  14. Just wanted to stop in and wish you luck on your course. I've done one before (sadly it has returned) and I'm starting up on my second coure on the first. Happy New Year, and here is to a clear 2013