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  1. Hey there, It's been a long time since I've last visited this site. Long story short, I fucked up my skin with harsh cleansers, got acne, tried the ac e.org regimen (it worked somewhat), went off cause I was sick of it (skin was dryish and never looked healthy). So I tried the caveman-regimen (didn't let water touch my face for like a month) and started developing some kind of dermatitis I think (or it might just be the skin repairing itself). I didn't follow through with it, dry skin got a l
  2. Is it okay to apply baby oil to your face if you have a tendency to get acne (acneprone skin)? It says parfumefree etc. etc., but does it clog? Thankyou on advance =)
  3. I would appericate if someone could figure this one out: All I do is gently wash and moisturize every night. Other than that I do nothing to my skin. If I go 2-4-5 days without doing anything, I get a rough looking skin, which is like this dead skin mask described in the caveman regimen. My skin instantly produceses this dead skin, not as in flaking, but like rough skin. Also I get red bumbs near my nose and forehead (mostly red near the hairline) and sometimes small little whiteheads here and
  4. Hi my fellow skin experts. I'm going to a carnival in Denmark, and I'm going to be dressed as this zulu warrior. For the occation I want to be top-to-toe (face included) painted black and I bought this: http://www.snazaroo.com/products/face-pain...lassic-colours/ in the color black. I'm really sorry if I'm not allowed to post links! How would acneprone skin react? It's not like I have a lot since I finished accutane a few months ago, but I still have redmarks and some little spots here and t
  5. I cleared up so fast and stayed that way since month 1-2 without a single spot, mostly. However last month I started getting a few here and there, and it's like 2 weeks after I've stopped now. I keep getting a few here and there with no heads contrary to what I used to have. Is it because the moisturizer I used during the course perhaps now clocks my pores without accutane? But why would it start while I was still on it? Anyone experinced anything similar?
  6. Even though I feel back for the OP, I could not agree more with "Pimpstick". Like he said, people come on here writing a long vent, jumping to different conclusions which all lead to accutane being the devil itself. People need to understand they are the goddamn minority, and that they were simply very unlucky. Imagine if your "informative post about acne", which infact is just a vent, happened to make someone say no to accutane based on ur ridiculous conclusions? Imagine if that person would've
  7. From what I've learned, this sounds like a bad idea. When you finish your last pill, the vitamin A vil linger in your body and slowly go away completely, so to me - that is the weening off, and you don't need to do it by lowering dose. Instead, finish off good and make sure it doesnt come back
  8. When I have it bad I just rub a ton of babyoil (or whatever oil is available) in my scalp and let it sit for 10 minutes or something like that, then rinse off. Usually does the trick.
  9. A facecleansing serie I don't recall seeing recommended in here is Beauté Pacifique, which is a little expensive, but incredibly(!) good. My derm sells it to me, and recommends it to everyone of his patients. I'd personally never take an advice like this from someone over the net, but it really is good Edit: I'm in my last month and the moisturizer has worked on both body and face. It has cleared all eczemathingies on arms, and kept my skin COMPLETELY free from dry skin (as long as I consiste
  10. My derm told me, that he advices everyone to start around august and do the course over the winterperiod, like u said, due to the sun. Many people insist on starting around now anyway, and he is fine with that aswell. That's what he told me not that long ago atleast.
  11. What I got from it was that I need to go to the docter and get it checked even if it doesnt persist? Is that true?
  12. I went to take a piss but there was no blood. Anyone? :/
  13. Am I the first to ever experience blood when cumming. I'm not sure how to explain this to you properly considering I'm not that good at english, but it really freaked me out and I'm wondering what to do?? I did not a feel a pain at all, and I've never experienced anything like that before. I'm even afraid to go take a piss before I go to bed.... Wtf to do? Edit: I'm a month in and just upped the dosage if that's of any help. Other side effects I've had are dry lips, back pain and rashes. But is
  14. Oh my god, thank you so much for this reply You basically described EXACTLY what I have, and all of your advice are very comforting. I've made an appointment with the doc tomorrow morning to see if I can get some eczema creme or whatever is used to treat it - do you know anything about that? Anyway my arms stayed moisturized after the first application of face moisturizer and baby oil so I'm good Now I'll just be waiting to see what happens. The backpain is really killing me, but I'll hang in
  15. I started accutane 12 days ago 40mg a day, and I have a few questions. I have had a lot of backpain for the last 4-5 days, and I don't know what normal backpain on accutane is, but this sucks pretty bad. Like bending down and stuff really hurts if you dont lift with your legs if you understand, anyway - does this wear off? I think it has gotten slightly better the last couple of days, but does it wear off completely after my body has gotten used to the drug? Also, I've gotten a few rashes along