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  1. Sure thing:)

    That would be fun! I am craving pizza again, haha 2 minutes ago it was chinese!

    I love to meet new people:)

    1. how about instead of me saving you some we can go get some? :)

      1. Save me some lol:)

        I go to New hope:)

        I love it.

        1. lol yes we do have awesome pizza :) where in PA do you visit?

          1. Bomb:) well its a beautiful place. I miss it. Their pizza is delicious. im jealous.

            1. yes I live like 20 minutes from downtown pittsburgh :)

              1. Heeey :) I just saw ur post and then I saw ur profile! ur from pennselvania? I go there every summer :)

                1. lol I don't wear it much because where I am from, (pennsylvania) there aren't many cowboys. it looks funky on me anyways :)

                  1. You're welcome! Cowboy hats rock. Or should I say swagger? Hehe.

                    1. I'm glad you liked my cowboy hat =D

                      1. my one friend... suffered from pretty bad acne. No one knew but me. He used concealer for over 4 years. and not one person said anything to him about it. He just had a knack for finding the right shade of it and blending it in. I only knew he had it on cause I knew he had bad acne. His wasn't the raised kind, so it was easier to cover but anyways.... the girls were ALL over him. His acne is better now, so he doesn't wear it anymore. he just has a few pimples and mostly hyperpigmentation. He tol
                      2. Hi, and thank you. =]

                        1. gotta love Emery. I just saw them in concert two nights ago

                          they are my favorite band

                          1. Nice Emery quote in your sig. Couldn't resist a comment when I recognized!

                            1. I dealt with the same problem for the past 4 years. I had to dab my face with a napkin every few hours because of how oily and shiny my face got. BUT there is hope. I just bought the new Neutrogena Ultra Light moisturizer and when they say ultra light, they mean ultra light. its water based, so a lot goes a long way. I havent had to wipe off the oil on my face ever since I bought this I recommend trying it the only thing is if you have super dry skin, its a light moisturizer so you might have to