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  1. my skin doesn't really seem to be getting all that better....i have implemented aha into my personal system, however, I don't know if i'm doing it at the right step...and my face seems to just be really dry, even the aha seems to help a little bit. yeah its been like 2 or 3 months now...shouldn't I be getting better?
  2. when in my regimen do I use the aha lotion? Like step 1: cetaphil step 2: BP step 3:aha step 4: eucerin moisturizer with spf when?? please tell me soon
  3. yeah I slacked off last week, and this week, my chin is awful, but thankfully the BP seems to dry mine up pretty quickly, and I do the whole sterilized needle pooping zit thing because I HATE having zit puss on my face, I would rather it look scabby...but if you use a sterilized needle and tissue, it doesn't scab, it just gets out the junk and then it dries up and goes away... I usually skip at night b/c I'm lazy and go to bed really late ... but good luck
  4. does anyone know how I can get something that has gylcolic acid in it so that I can have some AHAs, and my skin won't be as dry
  5. I have these wierd little white bumps mainly on my chin, like around my mouth..and on my jawline a little bit.. if I squeeze them all kinds of stuff come out and then i'll get a really bad zit (learned from bad experiences with acne dysphormia, i really like pinching any zit or black head on my face..its like a wierd form of comfort) its like a very full black head, but if I leave it alone they don't ever turn into zits, they just stay as white bumps.. i think my face is getting better if i ju
  6. so I"ve been one the regimen for 3 weeks now..I think... I"m flaky on my chin/mouth region, on my jaw/cheek, and the hairline that is right beside my eye brows... so....yeah...and I don't feel like i'm using enough b/c I"m barely using any BP stuff... thanks though for your comment!!
  7. I know everyone talks about having dry skin on here, BUT...my face is flaking off... I was just wondering if it is normal for my skin to be THIS dry when i follow all the steps. I use ALOT of moisturizer! I also am not using very much BP gel b/c I don't want my face to be this dry, and my skin really isn't getting that much clearer. Basically, I was just as broken out before and I didn't have flaking skin... should I exfoliate? with a face wash/scrub? also, am I still getting zits b/c at night
  8. I"m actually on birth control..but not for pregnancy prevation....being as it is...I'm abstinant. I have something called Pre-mature Ovarian Failure, and I'm on birth control b/c its acting as hormone replacement therapy. So basically, I have a hormone imbalance, and its characteristics are much like menopause...cept kinda worse, and i just want to know how to get rid of facial hair... Zit's and dry skin....whatever! I'm used to that...and with the regimen, its getting better, except the dry
  9. what is that? I've tried nads and products that are similiar and all that they do is irritatae my skin.
  10. ok so this is really embaressing..... I have facial hair and I want to remove it and tried to do so many times...but it is always VERY irritating and I think it makes the acne above my lip worse...what should i do, i"ve waxed, i've used cremes for extra sensitive skin, I've even tweezed... any information would be awesome also how would products like that affect the BP gel??