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  1. Ive been reading how salicylic acid keeps the dead skin cells from building up and causing pimples and how it washes and treats by getting rid of the dirt, bacteria, and oil in the face would it be smart to continue using my purpose wash and then use salicylic acid pads every night after cleansing to keep oil from building up and keep dead skin cell production from clogging my pores? It seems like salicylic acid can prevent all the bad things my skin use to go through from coming back so shoul
  2. this isn't fair. I finally start to see results and now I have to come off for a week before another blood test. month 1- 40mg, checkup-fine month 2- 80mg checkup-fine month 3- 80mg checkup- liver went up a lot right when it starts working, I apprently have to stop because it is affecting my liver? First he said take only 40 for the next week then do a blood test then he calls and says stop all together and then get a blood test a week later to assess on what to do. so basically, I came home
  3. so basically anything with fat is fine? I have these small packets of planters peanuts which contain 15 grams of fat in one package which is a lot considering it's a small packet.
  4. Would this be considered a good breakfast before school to take with accutane Maple Pecan 100% pure and natural granola. Maple Pecan is a delicious blend of whole grain oats, nutrient-rich praline pecans and sweetened naturally with real maple syrup. Praline pecans are lightly coated with agave nectar for a flavorful crunch in every bite. 4.5 g of fat for every 1/4 cup. so if I have a cup of it I am ingesting 18 g of fat which is 2 g more then 2tablespoons of peanutbutter. Now if im afraid pea
  5. Ok, so Its been almost 1.5 months. For the last half a month I upped my dosage to TWO 40mg pills daily. Overall my skin looks a lot better, people are noticing my skin getting clearer. I still have pimples but not as many, smaller, and less redness. Still don't suffer from dry skin, but I always use moisturizer because I think that also helps prevent the dryness from occurring. My lips do get pretty dry, but chap stick has helped greatly. Overall, I am very happy with accutane so far and its o
  6. Day 12 Parents have told me my acne looks a good amount better. I have photo booth on my computer and during acne times I take a ton of pics of my face. I went back and looked at pictures I took right before accutane and compared them to today and now I see my acne has gotten better. I mean I still have pimples that are noticeable but it's not as bad. I still don't have dry skin but I think im preventing it. From day 1 even when my skin wasnt dry I still put on moisturizer acting as if it was
  7. Day 4, im receiving some compliments on my acne. still no drying or any other side effects.
  8. well I am on day 3 of taking 1 pill a day at 40MG. Im taking the form called isotrention or something like that. I still have NO drying or NO chap lips. No other side effects. Today my skin looked slightly better. Personally since ive started accutane my emotions have gotten happier. I walk through school feeling good about myself, probably because I know I'm on something that will eventually get my skin to where I want it. After 3 days mentally I feel so much better about my skin and its only
  9. haha in a dream world id be clear today. But this reality and theres no changes to my skin, not even any dryness or side effects.
  10. I have taken my first pill! I am very excited!
  11. thanks! but for anyone watching this log my start of accutane got delayed one day. I will be starting 2/16/10
  12. thank you! I heard about aquaphor but my derm gave me a thing called CortiBalm for my lips so I assume that works well, but if it doesen't I can always try something else. I plan on using my eucerin moisturizer because it worked great on dan's regimen, does anyone have any better moisturizers I should look into if Eucerin fails?
  13. I will make sure to keep a log here! I'm more nervous about the initial breakout then anything else...
  14. Thanks man! Did you have any bad breakouts during the treatment?