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  1. LOL, Mamaeha! I love that sentence because I work in the Financial Industry and STRESS should be the job title I know---in this economy I'm glad to have a job but you're right--my breakouts rise and fall with the stock market. Someday I'll land something in calmer waters. P.S. After 10 years of Dermatologists and about 15 creams/pills I finally found my magic potion Aczone in the AM Epiduo in the PM (Tri Luma also PM for 2 months its working great to lighten my past dark post br
  2. RUN - don't walk - to your nearest Sephora... I am mixed ethnicity (caramel) skinned so my acne turns into hellish dark spots for months before healing...I tried all drugstore brands, came "close" in coloring, but no concealer worked well enough. A close friend wisely pointed out I was spending enough trying to get it right at drugstores that I should spend the same or less at a quality one and sent me to MAC. They were 80% better in that they were 95% matching my skin tone but their sufficie
  3. Jona, there are other threads already going on this subject, just do a search for Aczone...GL
  4. I've been on Aczone for about 2 months, with the followup coming up at 2 months. Derm said no noticable improvement for about 3 weeks but for me it was almost 6, but I finally see it. I would get painful cystic acne always the week before my period (by the clock when observing my Ortho Trycyclen pack). We will know for sure in a week but I think the acne is finally under control...now onto repairing past damage - dark spots/some scarring No extreme dryness or redness for me - I use in conju