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  1. Been using this stuff for close to a month now. No results yet, but definitely doesn't cause new acne! (I just have tons of red marks) Either my skin is resilient or I'm not using enough... I don't encounter dryness or any of the other side effects people have been mentioning, and I use it twice a day. Anyone know how quickly we should go through this thing? I'm about 1/10 through in a month. Is that too little?
  2. Any takers? My chest and bacne are FLAWLESS btw. And pretty muscular too
  3. the thing is, there's a difference between telling a fat person they would look better if they lost weight and telling people about their acne. in my opinion anyways. there are a million reasons why some people claim they're overweight, but I have been fat and all it takes to be in great shape is commitment, effort, and shitton of healthy food and exercise. However, if one could do something like that for acne, we would all be spending our time engaging in happier activities than writing on th
  4. everything I would've said. when I talk to someone I can't help but have this fear that they're staring at my face. which is probably true for strangers, since my friends have gotten used to it.
  5. So the derm told me to start out at 2-3 times a week, and that's what it says on the gel tube. My skin's peeling a bit(I'm pretty much clear, just a ton of redmarks) but I think it would work better if I used it more often. Right now I'm using it at night once every 3 days, and have been for the past month or so. Should I start doing maybe once every 2 days or every night? I'm using clindamycin to dry out any whiteheads that pop up in the morning and night if I'm not applying atraline that day
  6. you're cute. don't worry about it. only the shallow guys would care, and in the end they're probably not worth your time anyways.
  7. honestly I would say no, but I'm not a professional. I was on 20 mg of doxy 2x a day(I know not much) for a month and it prevented breakouts extremely well. I think it was the clinamycin phosphate 1% topical working as well. Now I'm slowly getting off doxy while using clinda, and my face has only gotten better, so I'm not completely sure doxy worked at all. At any rate, one month seems way too long for an IB or gradual worsening of your acne. If you do decide to get off doxy, make sure you g
  8. I've been on doxy for 2-3 weeks, only 40mg a day, and have stopped getting breakouts. I had one massive cyst, but after putting clidamycin on it it almost dried up completely in two days and now it's gone =D It takes longer to work for some people, so don't worry too much about it.
  9. Thanks for the advice guys. It's been two weeks, and no new pimples! =D The clindamycine doesn't dry at all, I just dab it on the few small pimples I have now. The doxy is working wonders, my pimples that do appear don't become red, and for the few that do, they go away extremely quickly(disappear) or dry and peel off; in addition, there are barely red marks left behind! I'm thinking about going back in a week to get Retin-A for my scars; of course I'll take doxy for another 2 weeks to fini
  10. I'm sorry, but I think derms are the best way. This looks strikingly identical to clearpores, which SUCKS ASS. It completely destroyed my face from 0 scarring to a huge ass amount of zits pimples and nodules. They had pills and a cream just like this website.
  11. I only got prescribed that much. I just now realized that lol after reading everyone else's amounts. Is this too little? I'm 5 11 160 lbs. Pretty healthy.
  12. well honestly it depends on ur derm. mine was extremely impersonal and barely looked at me(except to examine my face LOL) but the things he gave me seem to be working already(sulfur soap + clindamycin phosphate). I haven't even gotten doxy yet, I'll pick it up later today. One thing that bugged me about mine was he prescribed doxy w/o weighing me(I'm 160, 5'11") but I guess I'm in too good of a shape so he just gave me the usual(haha jk) As for tips, just be honest. Tell him what you've
  13. Watch Supersize Me and you'll never wanna eat McDonald's again. There is so much fat(unhealthy kind), sodium, sugar, and calories to fat ratio in ANYTHING they serve(except salads) that it will pretty much screw up your body. Every system of it.
  14. So I went to the derm today, was kinda pissed off it took 3 mins(completely impersonal visit) anyway he gave me some sulfur soap, top clindamycine phosphate, and doxy. I'll have an IB followed by hopefully clear skin right? In how long? He said to see him in 2 weeks... I'm thinking he's crazy b/c there's no way it'll clear in 2 weeks. I have mild acne though, just lots of red marks and scars. And he told me dan's/cetaphil cleanser sucks pretty much. He said it's for people who want to get a