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  1. I took Resveratrol for about 8 months. I never saw a difference in my acne (generally mild). I did however, notice a difference in my energy level- it was MUCH better! Random FYI: For the brand I took, I was to take two pills once a day. However, I felt extremely lightheaded/dizzy if I took them at the same time. I ended up spacing them out.
  2. For me, I have never had a problem with the generic. However- I have never used the name brand. When I was on Obagi and used his private label product, it wasn't even name brand. Now, I have my Plastic Surgeon prescribe it. I would much rather have a ten dollar copay for a 45 gr. tube......then hundreds of dollars for a tube half the size. But, everyone is different.
  3. If your budget is $100 or less, the Obagi Products are going to be too expensive. When I used the Obagi System, the mid size of the products cost my approx. $450. However, long term use of Retin-A (one of the Obagi components) is very inexpensive (if you have insurance) and does help somewhat. It does take a good amount of time to see some results.......
  4. When acne seems to get better/worse on one side or another of my face I 1. Make sure I am not pressing my cell phone against my face. 2. Wash/Change pillowcases. I change them pretty much night now and since I started I have seem improvement. If you are already doing these things try cutting back on the jojoba. If I ever use more than two drops (for the entire face) I will get small breakouts. Hope that helps!
  5. I have had pretty good results with combining several treatments over the course of a two years. Retin-a Cross Method Excision Blue Peel Nu-Derm. None were a 'quick fix' however, in conjunction, I have had some great results. My advice? If you are wanting to try to improve your skin- see a plastic surgeon who specializes in facial surgery or facial reconstruction. Or a Derm who does the same. Find a treatment plan and be consistent.
  6. I have Crohn's Disease- that was treated initially with HUGE steroid doses. Then came the massive acne. 7 years later my Crohn's is in remission and the acne under control. However, when the acne first started, my derm at the time, said I should never take Accutane....that it was a last resort that my body would not be able to handle.
  7. (All of these, In My Opinion...and from comments from fam/friends:) My chin: 80-90% improvement (most of the benefit was seen with excisions/retin-a) Left cheek: 75% improvement ...100% in a few areas (most benefit from crossing/excisions) Right cheek: Anywhere from 60-80% improvement. The right cheek had the worst scaring from the getgo..... (most benefit from crossing/excisions) The retin-a has helped to shallow out my deeper scars that have not been excised. Granted, I have been a
  8. Hey all... The pics are now uploaded to my album. The one taken on the beach shows the scaring best (pre procedures). The one where I am on the right (in a bright yellow shirt) is also an older one. All the other pics are taken in different lighting, but you can see the improvements pretty clearly. Keep on, Keeping on!
  9. Thanks everyone! And thanks to Mr. Matt who messaged me how to upload pics to my gallery. The photos are uploaded and pending review. I posted several before and after to show different lighting. I also posted a couple from the blue peel. And yes, I cried some of the dye off my face:(. (Mind you, I have passed kidney stones with NO meds except OTC's. It HURT (the peel). Oh- and I bumped into someone I haven't seen in about a year today. The first comment she made was about my skin and
  10. gobucks2002

    Before pics

    Approx 2.5 years ago
  11. Hey all! Every day I look in the mirror and analyze my scarring. I have spent the past two years trying to rectify the damage that acne caused to my (until approx. age 22) beautiful skin. After each procedure by my Plastic Surgeon, I could tell small differences. But, when one 'section' of skin would start to look better post procedure, I would dwell on all the others that seemed to stand out like a sore thumb. My family/boyfriend/friends would all say it was looking better after each pro
  12. When I had my peel done in April, my Plastic Surgeon told me to wash with either Cetaphil (or generic) or CeraVe. I don't know if you could call is washing....it was more like gingerly patting. I was told to not wash with anything other than the gentle, unmedicated cleansers for at least two weeks post peel. And, PAT dry. Another thing.....there were several days after my peel where my face would be uncomfortable, yet 'washing' it as instructed really felt good. I took a ridiculous amount o
  13. If I were you, I would definitely get it checked out. Any bump/lump etc on the breast needs attention.....particularly if you are able to express fluid from it. Please see your doc.
  14. I have been using my 8% AHA (Nature's Finest) on both my hands and feet for a couple of months now. and they look GREAT!!!! I really don't think that the Walgreens brand has any scent- good or bad.