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  1. thank you all so much for the advice!! im thinking ill go with the cetaphil considering a LOT of people have said thats the best one because tis non-comogenic... job done. seeing the derm today with the blood test results and fingers crossed they should be 100% healthy and fine. just want to start and get it all done, cant wait. aqueous cream is supposed to be good body cream when on accutane. has anyone tried this? feedback? thank you again!
  2. Hello hello hello, okk so I've waited 5 years to sort out my skin and I've finally been put on accutane whig so col!! Anyways.... REALLY need some help, I'm from the uk and just needed some advice like what products to use whilst I'm on this treatment, if anyone can help me that would be super I currently use clinique anti blemish products but they are mega expensive, has anyo e got any cheaper alternatives? Thank you for your help wish me luck! Xxx
  3. im currently using duac in the moring and isotrex in the evening- duac to stop bacteria growing and isotrex which is a gel form of accutane. ive been on this treatment 4 months with NO improvement but my derm is confident that i will not have acne from decemeber onwards so he says that i have been 'discharged' :'( meaning i wont be going back there at all... im so upset coz my confidence is poor anyway but i get these massive spots all the time and i blemish like a motherfucker o i look like iv
  4. Hello, im from the UK, okayy so i am off to the derm on the 19 october (: yayay! this is my second appointment. in my first appointment i was prescribed isotrex which has done shit all to help my skin The derm said that if, by october, i was still having breakouts he would put me on roaccutane which is a life saver in my opinion! BUT, i have been told that in america you have to wait 30days before starting and sign an ipledge which is the worst thing ive eveer heard coz the wait is made longe
  5. just got back from the derm and he said to use isotrex gel and duac cream as a combination to clear my acne. duac is suppossed to be used at night once a day but the isotrex leaves a film on my face so i tend to use duac in the morning during the day and isotrex at night. do you think this is ok?? im unsure whther this will work with my face coz ive been using it for 3 wekks now with no improvemnt just constant breakouts... is anyone else on this combination cure?? if so please let me know wh
  6. hey there i was prescribed differin a couple of months ago and then shortly afterwards i was prescribed duac. I dont know whether i am supposed to be using both but i apply duac first then differin and my skin works a treat- no huge red pimples! not completley clear yet though still a long way to go but it does work! tryy it! as i said i dont think im supposed to be using both but definaely give it a go coz it works wnders good luck x
  7. oh my goodness you have no idea how fabulous that news is! saves a month of waiting which is awsome! thanks for brightening up my day x
  8. Hey there Just wondering if there is an ipledge kind of thing that you have to do in the uk? i know that in the US and in Austrailia you have to wait a month after your first visit to the derm called an ipledge or something. is there something like this in the uk? thank you
  9. do vitamin c tablets really work?? i have red marks to their so hurrendous lol
  10. thanks for your help Save Lives- fingers crossed itll work for me! i totally get that breakout phase all the time when im like nooo not again! yer ive heard mixed reviews about it but ill just have to wait and see what happens to my skin when im on the course. Thank you for all your support- its nice to finally have people understanding what its like
  11. thanks for the info everyone! hopefully ill get on accutane and have a positive experience has acuuatne worked wonders on any of you?
  12. thanks for the advice, accutane it is then! (: hopefully its be sorted soon enough. i use bio oil but that just makes me break out- the wash cloth idea sounds good though ill give it a try. thank you
  13. hey thats good news! im a girl and i have really sensitive skin and i still have moderate acne. my skin is heavily red marked not really scarred. whenever i use an exfoliator my skin will get redder coz of the sensitivity- any brands you recommend?
  14. I use bio oil and it works a treat! BUT if you still have little sots or mild acne due to the oil it will aggravate it and you will break out. only use it on flat skin otherwise you will regret it