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  1. It's been a while now, and I've not read any new posts about men and spironolactone. I'm a male, and have been taking it for about two years now, and have been wondering if anyone else has had the same experiences as me. I know there has been some issues about using it for acne in men. Sone uneducated people will say men cannot use it, when in fact it is used often by men for blood pressure and as a diuretic. And there has been discussion as to how it works (DHT blocker or T. preventer, etc)
  2. From reading your posts, it sounds like we have a word muddle. I don't disagree that Spiro inhibits Testosterone, in that it prevents the DHT from getting to the folicles. I am disagreeing that Spiro prohibits or reduces Testosterone "production". Please re-read your own post. You said... Spironolactone can bond to the hair follicles before DHT can bind to the receptor. And... It slows down, or nearly stops the production of T. So which is it? Does it work by bonding to the
  3. Again, I'll have to disagree. What I have read and understood from discusstions that Spiro does not inhibit Testosterone. I believe it is the DHT that causes oily skin, not T. Thus, it works by stopping the conversion to DHT. If it were to stop the production of T, then it would be classified as a hormone rather than an antiandrogen. J.
  4. I'm pretty sure Spiro does not inhibit testosterone production. It only inhibits the conversion of testosterone to DHT. BTW - I been looking a long time for Beta Sisterol, but can never find it. Anyone have any idea where it can be found? I've looked everywhere. J.
  5. Sorry it's taken so long to respond. At 100mg/day, it took about 6 months to start working. I saw good results with only minimal side effects. Have to get a blood test every 3 months though, which is a hassle. They are looking for changes in potasium levels. Not completly sure how it works, but I think it keeps testosterone (which both males and females have) from converting to DHT which causes acne. Please see other posts for exactly how it works. Of course, I'm not a Dr., so best
  6. I am not completely clear. But yes, after 6 months I had considerable improvement. After nine months, my Derm said I could go to 150mgs, but I haven't seen much improvement going from 100 to 150. I might drop back down to 100. Jn
  7. I started on 50mg/day for one week, then 100mg/day. I did not see results until 6 months. I think you should wait at least that long, you'll be glad you did. 25mg is such a low dose, I've only heard that work on just a few people. Jn
  8. Spiro is working for me. I'm am male, and have been on it for about a year now. I had never heard of it until Derm suggested it. Once she told me the name, I got on the internet and did a lot of research. It seems to work great for acne. Jn.
  9. I am a male and have been on spiro for almost a year now. My derm prescribed it for acne, after having tried all the other stuff, that didn't do the job. Sure, there are some side effects, but no big deal for me because it was more important to beat acne. Spiro is also prescribe to men for other things, like high blood pressure. Why would it be okay for a Dr. to prescribe spiro for high BP, but not for acne? Doesn't make sense. Hope this helps. I'll check back to see if anyone wants to sh
  10. As a male, you can take spiro. For some reason everyone thinks men can't take it, but if your Derm tells you that, get a new Derm. I've said this in a few other threads, men take it all the time for high BP, so why not for acne? Yes, I have been through just about everything, even 2 courses of Accutane. Now I'm on spiro for about 6 months, thanks to a very nice and understanding Derm. Jn.
  11. Yes, males can take it, although it is primarily used to control blood pressure in men. But, if it helps acne too, why not take it for that also?
  12. , Don't rule it out yet. I am a male on 150mg/day of spironolactone. There are lots of men on spiro. It is prescribed for men for high blood pressure, and as a diuretic. It is prescribe for women for acne because it is a DHT blocker (like Propecia). And because it is prescribed mostly to women for acne, there is this big false scare out there that men cannot take it, which is false. I believe spiro is safe for men, just like Propecia is safe. Side effects are minimal, but what wo
  13. I would agree with all the replies here. Main thing, drink lots of water, and do the blood work as directed. I'm on 150mg per day. Jn
  14. Hi, I am 51, M, and on spiro for about 6 months now. I started at 50mg, then went to 100, but it took at least 3 months before I saw any results. My acne is not all gone, so my Derm just upped me to 150mg. We'll see how it goes. Jn
  15. Wow, your case sounds almost exactly like mine, only funny thing is, I am a guy. I have had cystic acne starting around 20, and it was genrally all over, not just on my face. Now my Derm has started me on Spironolactone. Been on it a number of months now. I am 51. I don't thik you trying spiro would be a waste, it seems to be helping me.