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  1. It's pretty sad that "nice" has become synonymous with "feminine." Women are, in fact, attracted to "nice" men; they are not attracted to girlie men.
  2. 1.) Never apologize for your opinion. 2.) This quote is not "insensitive" nor does it point out any amount of flaws. I'm sure it could've been followed by a more compassionate comment or quip to deflate her self consciousness, but it was not inherently negative. If her friend said something to the tune of "yeah, it's gross," that might warrant the general reaction displayed in this thread. 3.) People who fish for compliments by way of degrading or insulting themselves (read: "I'm so
  3. Dropkick your sister in the forehead.
  4. The side effects will probably kill you. Invest in life insurance. Good luck with Accutane and the funeral expenses.
  5. Stupid. Since when is telling the truth "negative, judgmental, and insensitive"? I would rather have someone tell me the truth than instill me with counterfeit confidence, even if it hurts to hear. I covet the honesty; it gives some validity to my self conscious anxiety. It's not disrespectful to acknowledge that acne is present. Most people are beautiful in their own right with or without acne, imo. "What other people mention" is definitely not a reflection of one's own opinion anyway.
  6. Month 5, day 1! Awesome. Fucking awesome. I woke up this morning to find a Walgreens bag and a 12 pack of Heineken on my patio table. Stuck underneath a bow on top of the case was a note that read: "Happy birthday! -Em" Inside the bag was, of course, my prescription. I'm not sure how she knew I needed it -- maybe she heard me mention it -- or how she acquired it, but I really don't care; it was absolutely stunning. I've learned to not question most good things. I called her
  7. Month 5, maybe? I broke my foot almost exactly a month ago. Four weeks without skateboarding is excruciating. The economy has fucked my business... hard. Since I've invested myself completely into my shop and my clients -- their trust and my pride is a reflection of how dedicated to my work I have become -- you can reasonably infer that the economy has fucked me by extension. Thusly, I don't have the money to pay for my prescription this month. Last month I barely quarried enough money to pay
  8. From a post I made a while back. Empathize. This is a common mentality. However, I think the attraction grows deeper than just empathy. I like to entertain the notion that our subconscious isn't that emotionally shallow.
  9. It has built me callous. From an outside perspective that might appear as a curse, but it's not. The world is a relentless place -- physically, emotionally, spiritually -- and a stalwart presence is a virtue among flaws. I am still able to grow and express myself through those mediums, but it takes a lot more abuse to wound their fortitude now. The more prominent effects have been on my ability to fight. Not only has it forced me to practice technique, but it has also motivated me to pursue the
  10. So...

    So you think you can tell...

    Heaven from hell?