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  1. lottery!! Once you get all the money you can go afford the best treatments available and get clear skin!
  2. I got the prescription for mino about a month ago..and still haven't started ..After reading this..Boy Am I glad! I'll try to fight this acne without antibiotics!! I'm not willing to take chances, even if some people have none or barely any side effects..I don't wan to take the chance of putting my overall health at risk!!
  3. That's unusual..I've been taking Perfect skin for about a year and so did one of my cousins..who stayed clear with these a year post accutane..genuine health's products are remarkable so many of my friends and family members take their vitamins and others....maybe there's other factors besides the pills that could've caused the tiny bumps.. :confused:
  4. Just so you know, I went to the birthday party and I had lots of fun..And by the way some people there had some zits here and there at least I wasn't the only one with not perfect skin..And the positive thoughts of people like you on this board have been helping me to go out and try to have fun instead of being home feeling miserable..
  5. I understand where you're coming from..Is like just when we're glad some zits are going away, new ones show up!..We just have to force ourselves to be patient and sometimes leave them alone,,but I know how hard it is..I often tell myself I won't touch anything but It's soo difficult !! :confused:
  6. Thanks for your reply..Your thoughts are very encouraging..Will keep them in mind!
  7. Yeah, that's the thing, I know that clear skin won't magically make all my problems go away, or turn me into the person I think I should be, but I still cling on to that notion. I know having acne seriously sucks, but sometimes I wonder if in some ways, I'm hiding behind it and actually stopping myself, rather than it stopping me. It's just so hard to feel remotely good about yourself when you have it. There is your answer, and the answer for anyone else who thinks that being clear will make
  8. I've been taking genuine health's Perfect skin for about 7 months and although I still breakout..I figure it could be worst without taking them cause I'm under a lot of stress for the past few months..think I'll give the green+ a try too..
  9. I totally agree with you..this foundation is great!!
  10. I'm sure many would agree that you're acne is very mild..I actually wish my skin was as clear as yours..your blemishes are very small ..yet it obviously bothers you cause they're red...Something that could help besides what you're already doing is using a spot treatmen that covers up the redness of the blemish such as: MD correct and perfect spot treatment..you can check it out at: http://www.mdskincare.com/productdetails.cfm?SKU=MD041523 Good luck!
  11. I'm sure you'll like it..I've been wearing it for about a month now and it does a great job covering red marks..so much that i don't even use my concealer any more i just dab a bit extra where is needed..
  12. I can totally relate to this! The only reason people don't think my acne is THAT BAD is because I wear tons of foundation to camouflage the red spots on my cheeks and all my active pimples. If I wore no foundation at all my skin would look absolutely hideous. Check out my gallery that's how my face looks without any makeup, would you want to walk around like that? I can't do it, I just can't. =( I wonder if I wore absolutely no makeup for a month if my skin would clear up? I'm not brave enough
  13. That's what I told my derm..and she said to try mynociclin first..but I did'nt even start taking them yet..I'm scared of the side effects, IB..etc..