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  1. Sulfacet R is topical and Bactrim is antibiotic, is it safe to take it together??
  2. you wont break out from bananas or any fruits if you eat them with an empty stomach!
  3. Hey Guys, I Am new here and i had Acne since i was 11 and now i am 17 i am so fed up with acne! I am a male and i was desperate to try anything things i used: Proactiv Murad Exposed Acne Free in 3 Days Clear for Life Nutrogena Clearisol Diets Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Free Zeno Loreal Acne Panoxyl Lemons And more............ I am gonna go to a physician and get prescriptio meds, what should i say to my physician, can she prescribe me accutane? What are the best prescriptions meds that worked fo
  4. Hey guys, i get really insecure in bright florecent lighting because of my post acne marks. My School is so bright and it makes me feel really insecure and shut down! I also look in the mirror alot which makes it worse. What Can i Do??? I have at least 4 pimples at a time with alot of post acne marks on my cheeks Are there any remedies that are good for post acne marks that are brown and red? Please Help!