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  1. hi,how r u? i was wondering if you have any side effects from taking the supplements to balance your hormones.thanks

    1. I would suggest trying to balance your hormones. Don't waste your money and time with creams ance lotions. These will never work in the long run. I tried a million different things but the only thing that works for me is using: -Black Cohash -Don Quai -Wild Yam -Indole-3-Carbinol These herbs should help balance your hormones and get rid of the excess extrogen in your body. This might be causing your acne. I would give the herbs a couple months to work and if you see no improvement then hormon
    2. I have hormonal acne too which I really hate! But I think I have finally figured out how to stop it. Estrogen dominance seems to be the cause of my acne. I have reasearched and tired every for over a year and finally found what works. I tried it all vitamins, no sugar, killing Candida, no makeup etc. but the only thing that worked was taking supplements to balance my hormones. I take: -Black cohash -Don Quai -Wild Yam -I3C (Indole-3-Carbinal) These herbs and supplements all help to balance y