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  1. I've had nothing but TERRIBLE experiences with dermatologists. You schedule an appointment weeks in advance (even though you want to see them immediately!!). When the day finally comes, you sit in the waiting room an hour, only to spend less than 5 minutes with the doctor. The doctor does not ask how you feel, he/she doesn't ask if you are experiencing side effects from the medication. The doctor doesn't care about the dry skin on your neck, or the dermatitis on around your nose. THe doctor
  2. i'm going to try ACV starting tomorrow. i used it before on acne - and I didn't really notice anything great - but I didn't have this problem!
  3. I have seborrheic dermatitis too and I don't know what to do. Right now, I've just been leaving it alone - I haven't been using any harsh cleansers or creams. I only wash with Cetaphil and then apply Cetaphil lotion after shower. It seems to keep it from getting worse, but it certainly has not been getting any better. The doctor prescribed be desonide lotion and it seems to work well in the beginning, but it made my skin look funny after a while, so I stopped. I don't know what to do. I'm
  4. Do you sometimes feel that you are just a number when you walk into your doctor's office? Maybe I experience this because I live in New York City and the sheer number of people makes it difficult for doctors to be personable and compassionate - but, this past year, I've been to many different doctors, and I don't think any of them really gave a damn about my well being, or what I was feeling at that time. The first dermatologist I visited for acne had me in and out of his office within 5 min
  5. For all those success stories with dermatologists and medication, kudos to you. Honestly, I'm glad that you all had positive experiences and were able to rid yourself of or control acne. We all know what it feels like to have acne, and all of us certainly dream of the relief of being acne-free. However, looking back at my experience, I wish I never ever went to a dermatologist, and I wish I never took any kind of medication. Though I've had acne my entire life, I went through a severe brea
  6. Blood in your stool (poop) is a red flag - that something very serious can be happening. You shouldn't ignore it - you should let your dermatologist know immediately, and also contact your primary care doctor as well. Though my dermatologists weren't the most competent, your dermatologist should be able to identify whether or not this is a side effect of the accutane. When I found blood in my stool (i never took accutane), the doctor performed a colonoscopy and took a biopsy of my intestine
  7. Just be cautious with solodyn and other minocyclines / tetracyclines. First and foremost, if you notice any difficulties breathing, stop the medication immediately. It's most likely an allergic reaction, and you don't want to mess around with that kind of stuff. I was having trouble breathing for a week or so, but I thought I was just stressing out about my pimples. Then, when I increased the solodyn dosage, I had an intense reaction - I obviously stopped the medication, but I wish I had don
  8. I'm hopeful (maybe a bit too hopeful though!!!). If we can regenerate fingers with skin, blood vessels and nails, why wouldn't that work for skin resurfacing? If the top layer of the skin is removed, wouldn't the application of this magic pixie dust aka ECM regrow the lost skin - into new (undamaged!) skin? I hope for this technology everyday! Now that its nice out, everyone is walking the streets of NYC, wining and dining, strolling and having a great time with each other. I've been so sel
  9. I hope it would work for large pores. I have a lot of rolling scars along my jawline and some hyperpigmetation on my cheeks that I would like to get rid of. And maybe perhaps make my nose a little Splotchy. I wonder what needs to be done for this type of scar removal. Maybe. Microdermabrasion!! Scary!! And how would the wound remain moist and not form scar tissue..... Imagine if this actually works!? I would be the happiest ( but also maybe the poorest) person I'm the world. Imagine having
  10. Basically, everything seems to be theoretical as acell has not provided the public with enough conclusive evidence of it's effectiveness. In theory, the acell matristem product will allow the body to heal wounds without any scarring. Instead of inducing scar tissue production, the matristem will activate stem cells to differentiate in to the appropriate cell types and heal wounds with no scars or marks. However, the practice of this theory maybe more difficult to achieve as seen with the guy who
  11. I have the same thing. It KILLS me everytime I look in the mirror. I actually prefer my acne than these marks on the nose - the most prominent part of our face. Anyways, I've been trying to forget about them - try to stop touching them because it'll only make it worse and it'll just get me thining about it. Do you play with your nose a lot? or try to pop black heads? I honestly think mine are a result of that - but I could be wrong because I've only noticed them recently . Obviously, I st
  12. Are you experiencing any side effects? I don't know. I wouldn't take it for longer than the prescribed time. If I could have done it all over again, I wouldn't have taken solodyN! Honestly - what's the point if you can take it only for 3 months AND it takes about 3-4 weeks to see results - haha its like being acne free for 2 months while also running the risk of quite dangerous side effects.
  13. http://www.poptech.org/popcasts/?viewcastid=224 Maybe I spoke too soon! woops! Interesting watch.
  14. i cant see it. http://wn.wsvn.com/global/video/popup/pop_...=v&at1=News - Special Coverage&d1=167233&LaunchPageAdTag=News - Special Coverage&fvCatNo=&backgroundImageURL=&activePane=info&playerVersion=1&hostPageUrl=http%3A//www.wsvn.com/features/articles/medicalreports/MI118922&rnd=38988066 If that doesn't work, go to http://www.acell.com/ and look at the updated link as of april 23, 2009. I'm a bit confused with this ACell product. So far, I have read
  15. http://wn.wsvn.com/global/video/popup/pop_...=v&at1=News - Special Coverage&d1=167233&LaunchPageAdTag=News - Special Coverage&fvCatNo=&backgroundImageURL=&activePane=info&playerVersion=1&hostPageUrl=http%3A//www.wsvn.com/features/articles/medicalreports/MI118922&rnd=38988066 Another Acell success story - I don't know if you guys saw this one already. But here's some hope!