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  1. Not all fats are created equal, and not all fats clog your arteries, especially NOT olive oil. "Olive oil is on the list of “good” oils and a “monounsaturated” fat. Using a “cold-pressed” organic olive oil as your main source of oil may cut your risk of coronary heart disease almost in half. Studies have show that particles of LDL (bad) cholesterol that contain monounsaturated fats (found in olive oil) are less likely to become oxidized. This is important because only oxidized cholesterol
  2. The dead skin mask is visible when looking close up. People report it becoming noticeable on the nothing regimen within the 1st and 3rd week. It is a buildup of dead skin, sometimes flakey, sometimes cracky in some areas and it appears worse after someone showers or sweats apparently. But this is what protects and heals the skin underneath. And after some time, many exfoliate off the dead skin mask, unveiling healthy smooth skin. I hope that happens for me. One might also experience "shoots" of
  3. Steph, I was in the same boat 3 weeks ago. Tomorrow will be Day 20 for me. It's been an interesting road so far. My face is really changing. Good and bad so far.
  4. Dead skin mask is growing.. Breakouts lessened on forehead, but grew on upper temples. Two small spots coming on chin area, two spots btwn eyebrows.. ugh anyone got some encouragement?
  5. Of course people make variations to everything. But "the caveman regimen" says don't let water touch your face for at least a month. Then, water is slowly phased in if desired. The point is brilliant: restore the skin's natural state (acid mantle, health, good tone) and it starts to become self-reliant, strong, balanced, and moisturized, naturally. The problem with water during the early stages is that it dries you out and leads to acne and improper uneven odd dead skin buildup... or leads to
  6. holy cow juan carlo, im a big fan. I cannot believe you have come back today, I am 2.5 weeks into this no nothing non-regimen and wondering if you can tell me some words of expertise. so far my skin has taken great advances forward, and some steps back too (spots on forehead). what can you tell me to expect for the next month or so?
  7. many have, which is why this thread is soooo long. most notably are the patriarchs of no washing- Waterwater AlexAlmighty Adam08 jan carlo wapak search for them, or search "the all natural regimen" on here. It's a great summary.
  8. Day 15: Skin tone never been better. Lower half of face great. Upper half covered in small spots. Actives: Forhead, scattered Upper left temple medium Upper nose (left) medium Under left ear small Under left eye small Right temple 2x small Upper half of face looks bad, but showing signs of pulling out of breakout. Lower half (below eyebrow line) looks good.
  9. im a guy, i've taken it for a number of months. I know it helps facial flushing because i discontinued it and notice the effects within 3-4 days. So it does affect guys, maybe not exactly for what you're wanting though.
  10. still going strong. will update tomorrow.
  11. Day 10: I've been growing a lot from this. And I'm in it for the long run. That said, it is a slow and long-term solution. I will not post on the boards often. I may simply update with current status of skin. Nose: Little bumps/blackheads stretching almost to inner cheeks Cheeks: Rosy Actives: *Forehead scattered small *2 above right eyebrow/temple area *1 small on right temple *Couple small on each side of neck *2 unsure areas on right chin *Btwn eyebrows and right inner cheek small clogs C
  12. Day 9: Not much change from previous day.
  13. Day 8: Not much change from previous day. I think there's two spots coming on right of my chin area. Left forehead still healing. They have almost all scabbed over, overnight. Yesterday they were flaming whiteheads. My forehead is the only thing stopping me from looking better than ever. Couple new ones coming in above eyebrow on right forehead.
  14. Caveman Day... 7.. I guess: Complexion looks nice today. It is more bright and balanced, not as blotchy, especially on neck! Old breakouts on chin have sebum crust that is slowly flaking off. Left side of forehead has an active breakout (i actually felt it coming from like a week ago) which im guessing will stop and heal up nicely to bring healthy skin. Red marks to the side of mouth have disappeared almost completely now. Oilyness is not an issue, except a little on forehead, little on nose. B