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  1. Be aware that taking an antibiotic at the same time as a birth control pill makes the birth control less effective. I don't know if you're sexually active or only using the pill for medical reasons, but either way, PLEASE remember to use a second barrier method of birth control if you have sex!!
  2. BE Mineral Makeup has Bismuth Oxychloride in it. Many people have no problems with this ingredient, but some find it irritating. Mostly it can cause a sort of itchy feeling to your skin (in more extreme cases, it's more of a burning sensation). So far as I know-- and I spent a long time as part of a mineral makeup forum where these matters we discussed extensively (and repeatedly)-- BO cannot cause any actual damage unless you have an actual allergy to it. Will it make you, specifically, break
  3. I think the amount of physical contact with your skin the dentist tends to have can cause acne that's under the skin and virtually undetectable to surface, yes. I've definitely had spots that got a lot worse after going to the dentist.
  4. Better than chapsticks are lip balms with natural oils in them. I have a lip balm that's emu oil based that has saved me from chapped and peeling lips for the last three years. Occasionally I'll find something on my lips to peel, but I'm much less likely to now that the skin on my lips is healthy.
  5. Ugh, this is completely foul, but I have had this huge cyst for days now that I hadn't even tried to pop because there was just no way it was going to do any good. Last night, though, after several hot compresses I saw a bit of hope and decided to go for it-- it was disgusting the quantity and volume of nastiness that came out, but I was just so glad to get that crap OUT of my body that I didn't even care. God, it was gross, and so oddly satisfying. I hit it hardcore with TTO and didn't poke at
  6. Well, Proactiv cleanser has BP in it. So, you were still using BP. Rather than using Proactiv to exfoliate, try using a washcloth, gently, while you wash, and perhaps add a SA or BHA to your routine. These are chemical exfoliants that will help open up your pores.
  7. It's a shame your derm didn't seem to recognize that picking is a compulsive addiction, and has to be treated that way. You don't tell an alcoholic to just not drink, you have to give them the tools to avoid it. Your derm should have at least acknowledged that there are certain elements that contribute to the compulsion to pick, and helped you with those. It's been probably ten years since I've been to see a derm regularly, but when I did, I remember he acknowledged that picking is appealing f
  8. Hey bryan, I went to the website for that very same journal, and used the search term "acne sebum" and came back with multiple results-- and while I'll admit to not having done a thorough reading of all of these papers, if their summaries state that acne is directly influenced by the sebaceous glands, how is that less accurate than your study from that journal? Also, the study you're quoting here is 22 years old. The abstract I read was 2 years old. Food for thought, is all.
  9. Using a SA cleanser isn't really an effective use of SA. SA takes about 30 minutes to do it's work, and with a cleanser, you're washing the active ingredient down the drain before it can get anything done. For that reason, it's a better investment to use a treatment with SA in it, and a cleanser that simply cleanses. Effective, active acne ingredients in products that don't stay on your skin for more than a minute or so are a waste.
  10. Drying your skin with cleansers and hot water can make it seem as though your skin becomes more oily. There. Better, bryan? I second the recommendation for the Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets. I use one a day, usually a bit after lunch, to blot the excess oil off of my nose and anywhere else I'm shiny. It won't disturb makeup (if you're wearing any), for the most part-- though I've found if I wait too long after noticing that I'm shiny to blot, the oil on my nose will loosen the makeup t
  11. Don't believe the ads that the Corn Council of America (or whatever it is) put out there: there IS a difference between HFCS and sugar. Sugar is natural and, in reasonable amounts, not bad for you. HFCS may be a derivative of corn, but it's the "derivative" part that you should be paying attention to. HFCS is processed by your body in a completely different way than sugar, and it doesn't surprise me in the least that it could have an impact on how your body absorbs nutrients.
  12. EVOO broke me out pretty badly. I recovered fairly quickly, but my skin did NOT like it. I think EVOO is typically called for when you've got dry skin, so if you're oily, you might want to rethink it. My suggestion given your mix is to back off of the Castor oil a bit. Castor oil is a drawing oil and can be super drying if it's overused. You're probably seeing those bumps because of your high castor oil content. I'd back off to at least 25/75% castor/jojoba.... and historically my skin hasn't
  13. I got a brief but severe bout of cystic acne on my neck (kind of under my chin, on both sides) last year. It was incredibly painful and embarrassing. I never use BP, I find it far too drying to tolerate. Honestly, I can't even really remember what made them go away. I really think it was a temporary thing and I focused primarily on covering them up (Revlon Colorstay foundation became very, very important to me). They ultimately went away. Now I'll get one very small one every so often, but not
  14. I actually use Revlon Colorstay on a daily basis. I'm pretty fair, and the lightest shade doesn't quite match for me, so I mix it with a CoverGirl foundation that matches better. ColorStay is the only formulation of liquid foundation I've found that actually lasts all day. I recently started using the ColorStay concealer as well. So far I really like it.
  15. A Hyaluronic serum would be my suggestion. I have very oily but very dehydrated skin. Hyaluronics do best by me (although the one I love is no longer available and I'm finding they're not all equal.... sad!)
  16. Well, you're not really going to have much luck, IMO, without castor oil. That's the ingredient that's drawing, that will pull impurities from your pores. And I've never heard of using hazelnut oil as part of oil cleansing, though I suspect it would be beneficial in a toner.
  17. Tea tree oil is more of a treatment, than something you want to include in oil cleansing. If you use the jojoba that will give you a moisturizing effect, the hazelnut will make a good astringent, and I would apply the tea tree with a q-tip to spots that need to be neutralized.
  18. I've noticed a correlation myself, but normally only after a few days of increased alcohol consumption (a weekend away, for instance). I suspect it has something to do with the low level dehydration that comes with drinking, and it drying up things that one would typically dry up topically. But I'm completely theorizing, I have no idea what it happens.
  19. I agree that your laundry detergents and pillowcases could be part of the problem. But another thing to consider is the water coming into your home. Do you have a filtration system on the water you wash with? There could be contaminants in the water in your home that you're not getting elsewhere.
  20. To much exfoliation irritates the skin and worsens acne Well of course too much exfoliation irritates that skin, but there is such a thing as an appropriate amount of exfoliation. SA, BHAs and glycolics are a great way to get an appropriate amount of exfoliation, as long as they aren't overused. There is no "solution" to oily skin that's going to work for everyone. To say there is-- THAT'S what's going to make you sound like a proselytizing arse. FYI.
  21. Ok, I think there's some general confusion about the point of oil cleansing. Regarding whether or not it works or not: Obviously, like every other acne treatment in the world, it will work for some and not for others. Regarding what oils to use: Castor oil is necessary for the cleansing part of oil cleansing. You can use any non-comedogenic oil for the carrier oil. EVOO, Jojoba, grapeseed, sunflower and safflower are common and popular. Regarding the proportions: Castor oil can be drying,