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  1. Conceivably, yes, it could be causing a problem. Try using a different toothpaste for a couple of weeks and see if it clears up. If not, perhaps something else is going on.
  2. You're right on two counts: silicons are in near about everything and they aren't "easy" to wash off. They can build up, and when they do, that's when you'll see problems from them, particularly dimethicone. But it's not impossible, or even all that difficult, to get off, if you use the right ingredients in your cleansers.
  3. The itchy you feel is your body trying to heal. It's normal.
  4. No cause for worry so far as I can tell. That bit that kinda looked like a whitehead but came off super easy? That was your skin trying to form a protective scab, but wasn't able to harden into a a scab because it wasn't getting enough air because of all the ointment and bandaids you're using. Lay off the protectants a bit and let it firm up. That gives the lesion more oxygen which it NEEDS in order to continue the healing process.
  5. To what industry are you referring? And can you cite a source that supports your assertion that dimethicone is like plastic wrap? I would agree if you applied dimethicone straight to your skin it would have an adverse affect. But I hesitate to believe that dimethicone used as one of many ingredients in a product would cause an issue if removed properly on a daily basis. You're certainly right about most 'cones: they aren't usually water soluble (some are, but you're right, most aren't
  6. Quoted for truth. There's no reason people, especially adults, should allow a member of their family to treat them in a manner they wouldn't allow a non-relation to treat them, just because they're family. If you're no longer dependent on this man, there is no reason (IMO) to try to build a relationship with him when he's treated you so terribly. I can't fathom why you would want to. On the other side of that, I'm not really the type to cut anyone out, but I can certainly see a case for limi
  7. Not all MMU is equal!! There is a HUGE variety of mineral make up out there and trust me when I tell you Bare Minerals is far from the cream of the crop. And on top of that, MMU isn't really for everyone, necessarily. I spent like three years tring to find the right one for me, sampled probably half a dozen brands and various formulas and ended up back with drugstore makeup, which has been just fine with me for the last.... how long..... six months? No change in my acne whatsoever. No improvem
  8. Kudos to you for sticking with working in that industry!! I don't think I could do it. Just walking into the salon for an appointment gives me a complex. Working around all those porcelain skinned people and all those mirrors every day would make me certifiable.
  9. Getting really into a DVD set of a great TV show. Currently The Wire. My husband. My dog. My cat. When my dog humps my cat. The fact that my dog is a female and my cat is a male. (Yes, I'm a bit juvenile when it comes to this. Some people think it's horrifying. I think it's fucking hilarious!! Cat doesn't care one way or another.) Having coffee with my best friend. Curling up on my neighbor's couch with my husband, my neighbor and his girlfriend to watch a good movie. Or a bad movie
  10. For the record, mineral oil and dimethicone aren't actually comedogenic ingredients. See: http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/acne_detective/article6.htm
  11. I have no idea what you should do. Personally, though, I would keep coaxing the gross stuff out. I'd rather have it on a tissue than in my face. As long as you're not forcing anything, you should be ok.
  12. What works for you is what works for you, but speaking of the chemical process of SA, unless you're leaving some of the cleanser on your face, the SA itself doesn't have time to do it's thing. There could be another common ingredient in the SA cleansers you've used that's helping you.
  13. It happens. It takes time, sometimes, for a cyst to really go away. They sometimes last for months before they come to a head. Usually once you get them released, they move along. Give your some more time. You might want to give the bandaid a break, though. Let it breathe a little. Some oxygen might do it some good.
  14. 1. Urban Decay Primer Potion 2. Line with a powder with a flat edged brush Has worked beautifully for me. I never bothered with eye makeup before I found UDPP, because it was never around for more than an hour. It doesn't matter that your makeup is only on the lash line, the oil from your whole lid s what makes it slide off. Prime the whole lid, it says matte all day and your whole eye stays fresh.
  15. I use sponges to apply my foundation. A new one every day means I don't have to clean squat. I've also been toying with using a sponge to apply cream blush as well, so I'm not using any brushes on my face (except my eye brushes, but those aren't as big a PITA to clean).
  16. He didn't break up with you because of your acne. He broke up with you because you weren't talking to him and he had no idea why. He broke up with you because you were picking fights with him. I'm not sure I blame him, to be honest. I've had acne since I was practically a kid, and I'm in my mid 20s now, and married. I've had my self esteem in the shitter over my skin, but if you find that you can't talk to the person you're dating about this kind of thing, about why you're feeling down on your
  17. Of course!! I usually feel bad for popping anything, but even more so when I can tell it's not 'done', as it were, that there's more to come from that particular blemish. It's frustrating.
  18. I had a similar problem recently, and a combination hot compresses, tea tree oil and witch hazel helped it come to a head and reduce significantly in size.
  19. What are you using before you apply the lotions? If you're putting lotion on too soon after using BP (assuming you're on the regimen) that will cause about anything to pill.
  20. I had a lot of luck with witch hazel on a cotton ball, held to the area for pretty much as long as possible. I prefer Thayers Cucumber witch hazel, which smells about a billion times better than regular witch hazel. Witch hazel has anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. Also tea tree oil has been good to me. I had a cyst the size of a grape three days ago, and now it's almost completely flat. Hot compresses helped it come to a head, TTO and witch hazel helped it reduce in size and pain w
  21. I spent almost three years sampling and buying MMU foundations and never found one that didn't break me out, stayed on all day and covered worth anything. I have a closet full of MMU, and went back to Revlon Colorstay six months ago. My skin hasn't gotten any worse (or better) and it's about a billion times easier than MMU... for me, anyhow.
  22. purpleemu.com sells excellent emu oil. I've used less expensive ones that broke me out. They do carry it at my local health food store, but only one brand and I have no idea how refined it is. SO I won't be trying it.
  23. Colorstay did change it's formula about a year ago, I think (from what I've gathered on MUA). A lot of people who used it before they added the SoftFlex part to the formula no longer like it. (I started using it after they added it, and I like it just fine!)
  24. It's so easy to assume that other people see you the same way you see yourself, but it's crucial to keep in mind that that just isn't the case! Most of what I see when I look in the mirror is pasty pale skin and ridiculous acne. But other people see my eyes, my smile, my hair-- and yeah, they certainly notice my skin too, but it isn't as though that's the only feature I have. Remember: when you look at people, is the first thing you see about them their flaws? Because everyone has them, but mo