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  1. The only thing that's ever helped me with this kind of clogged pores is OCM.
  2. And that's the response of a misogynist who thinks he's cool. I'm so freaking tired of self-described "good guys" whining about how under appreciated they are by the opposite sex. Guess what: women who say all they want is a "good guy" aren't giving you all the details. Your definition of "nice guy" probably isn't the same as hers.
  3. I do it too. While it's important to remember that's you're human and you're going to make mistakes like that, it's also important to remember that you have to treat others with respect, and that if you don't you'll end up losing their respect. I applaud you for having the sense and courtesy to apologize to the person you behaved badly toward, and as long as you remember how cruddy it made you feel to be that kind of person in the future, you'll have better luck keeping yourself in check.
  4. Please don't generalize about what women always do. It's offensive and inaccurate.
  5. How big are they? Because if they're big like 5mm or more across, then they're probably cysts or nodules rather that papules, especially if they're sticking around for a long time. If they're smaller, and really are papules, my preferred treatment is a SA or glycolic treatment, like Green Cream. These sorts of treatments increase your skin cell turnover-- chemical exfoliation. The more quickly your skin cell regenerate, the faster those things will clear up off of your skin. If it's actually
  6. I also went through a phase of using aspirin for a scrub for a while. I really enjoyed it. I also felt like when I didn't use it, that a layer of gross was still on my skin. Ultimately, when I switched to a detergent free cleanser it cleared up. Took a little time, but it was worth it. My skin feels healthier now.
  7. I like Revlon ColorStay concealer, dabbed on with my finger. Dabbing, instead of spreading or smearing, is really important for keeping the makeup where you want it to be. Also, of course, put your concealer on after your foundation. Put it on before and your foundation application will just wipe the concealer away.
  8. Without pictures I can't be sure, but it sounds to me like a cyst. These aren't uncommon and sometimes stay the same for weeks, even months. They can be painful and large. There's really, really uncool. Again, I'm not certain that's what you've got, but if it is, I've had lot of luck with hot compresses, tea tree oil and witch hazel. If you've got a health food store around (Whole Foods will do, something smaller and more local would be better, IME), get a small bottle of Desert Essence 100% T
  9. The St Ives scrubs have jagged, uneven scrubbies in them, which ultimately just doing more damage to your skin. I realize most people think Cetaphil is gentle, which I believe is mostly because it calls itself gentle, but that doesn't make it necessarily true. There are no standards by which Cetaphil must prove that their product is gentle, they can just slap the word on there and call it what they want. I encourage you to do your own research on the matter, if you're interested. I"m just te
  10. Cetaphil and Dove aren't actually "gentle" on your skin. Cetaphil for sure and I'm fairly certain Dove have Sodium Laurel/Laureth Sulfates in them (ALS is Ammonium Laurel/Laureth Sulfates). These are harsh detergents that are damaging to your natrual skin barrier. It's of course less damaging if it's the 5th ingredient on the list versus the second. Like with anything, different people are going to have different reactions to different ingredients. I've found, since giving up cleansers with dete
  11. For those who are currently on a regular menstrual cycle and who are not augmenting their cycle with hormonal birth control, do you find that your acne is positively affected by your period? I know my acne doesn't get markedly worse before my period, but I've noticed sometimes that active blemishes will dry up right before my period... but not always. Anyone else experience this?
  12. To sell their products, most likely. They say "Hey, it'll help resolve your acne!!" and people buy the product. Most people don't bother to learn how a particular ingredient will help their skin, but they know certain things like SA and BP are acne fighting ingredients, so they buy products with those ingredients in them. They'll spend a fair amount of money on them, too. The fact that SA needs time to work is irrelevant to the company, because they're selling their product. And they aren't lyin
  13. It's been ages since I used a St. Ives scrub, but if the scrubby particles in it aren't smooth ball particles and are jagged nut shell type particles, then you're probably doing more damage than good to your flakies. I far prefer manual exfoliation with a washcloth, which is a lot gentler IME. So far as moisture goes, try applying your jojoba or moisturizer while your face is still slightly damp with water, or spritz with a hydrosol, and instead of smoothing your moisturizer on, warm it by rubb
  14. Hot compresses do help, in my experience. Also tea tree oil and witch hazel (I feel like I've been saying the same thing all morning!!) help me a lot. You'll usually get some standard yellow grossness, and then once the bulk of that is gone you'll start getting blood/fluid. The standard train of thought is that you're supposed to stop "helping" at that point. I will admit that I don't always stop at this point. But I know that I should. The blood/fluid is normal, but you're supposed to stop.
  15. You can probably help speed the process along with a routine of hot compresses, tea tree oil and witch hazel. Usually they'll start to release on their own, and then I help them along a little.
  16. Your skin NEEDS oxygen in order to heal. If a lesion is covered in ointment and a bandaid all the time, it's going to be nearly impossible to get it to heal. Let it breathe at least half the time. Wear a bandaid to bed but not out and about during the day, or vice versa. Personally, I almost never put bandaids on blemishes. I'll put some ointment on it if I have to (I prefer vitamin E oil to soften healing skin instead), but I let it breathe. Always. This sometimes means I have to carry around a
  17. Indeed, gross as it sounds, I was there about a week ago!! I had a cyst that came back three times before, finally, that "core" came out and now it's almost completely healed... and that core came out about a week ago. Gross, isn't it?? And satisfying at the same time. Hit that bad boy with tea tree oil as well as witch hazel. TTO is great for disinfecting and reducing the swelling in spots like this.
  18. IUs refer to International Units. Typically whatever supplement you're after will come either in IUs or grams (or milligrams, or micrograms), so conversion isn't usually necessary.
  19. I don't typically have the hankering for sweet things that so many people have, but I do like them.
  20. My brother and my sister both had acne, and my mother had bad skin up until her fifties, so acne wasn't this random thing that afflicted only me in my house. It became somewhat normalized, because I'd seen most of my family deal with it at one point or another. As far as my friends went, my acne was the most severe in my circle, though others did have more moderate and mild issues than I did. There were other people I knew that had issues just as bad or as worse as mine, so again, it wasn't as
  21. Your cleanser, being a foaming cleanser, has damaging sulfates in it. They'll hurt the barrier that's naturally a part of your skin and make you less able to keep dirt and other acne causing bacteria out of your pores. So, I'd get rid of that and try something chemically gentler on your skin. Other than that, I would recommend (and use myself) Clean and Clear's Oil absorbing sheets. They're about 5 bucks for a pack of 50.
  22. Look at it this way: your biology teacher never learned the good sense not to put someone on the spot for their physical flaws. You are learning how hurtful words can be, and will in turn (hopefully) know better than to be such an insensitive jackass. You'll be a better person than him.
  23. Moisturizers shouldn't cause you to turn red like that. A bit of redness is one thing; becoming totally flushed (which is what I took from your post) is another. You probably have a low-level allergy to a common moisturizer ingredient that's causing that irritation. Skip the drugstore moisturizers and switch to something more natural. Jojoba oil is definitely not a bad idea (especially, IMO, for men-- it takes a long time to soak into your skin, which is annoying for those of us who have to wait
  24. I agree with Chim... no one notices what you're seeing. Your skin looks great. I wouldn't muck with it.
  25. A couple stick out in my mind. When i was 16 or 17, my mother took me for a facial with extractions, at my request, thinking it would help. What neither of us fully understood at that point was that some of my acne was cystic, and extractions were probably a really, really bad idea. So the woman does her thing, gets a bunch of crap out of my face (excluding, of course, the giant cyst on my nose) and then sort of pokes at the cyst and says, "Yeah, there's really nothing I can do about this," and