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  1. You're not alone. But... don't blame them. It isn't their fault. They're reacting to their own circumstances, which yeah, is a little self involved, but we all do it to some degree.
  2. I go through phases with water. I often don't have much of a hankering for it, but if I force myself to drink it for a coupla days then I can't stop. Right now I'd say I'm drinking 1.5-2 liters a day. I work an office job, at a desk pretty much all day. I have a cup; probably 16 ounces, that I keep on my desk. There's a filtered water cooler about 15 steps from my desk, on the way to the bathroom. I fill it probably 3-5 times a day, on average. At home, I keep a 1 liter bottle around and fill it
  3. Icing won't necessarily make anything feel or look better right off the bat. For me it's always a cumulative effect. Definitely take an anti inflammatory, like ibuprophin.
  4. That's the way it should be done, BP all over the face and using it on places with normal skin is just going to cause irritation and probably acne in areas you never had problems with. A small amount on a qtip will destroy the acne no doubt.. but it will never SOLVE your acne problems. Im not sure if getting rid of acne by spot treating will cause acne scars but i still would never use it as its way to harsh no matter what percentage. Agreed. It's pretty much a reaction to an already exis
  5. Personally? I'd get them both. I find that having one acne treatment plan is going to work really well for some blemishes and won't do a damned thing for others. TTO and a sulfur treatment are both really good things to have on hand if you have breakouts.
  6. Personally, I rinse with warm/hot water, steam with really hot water, rinse with warm/hot water, and then splash with the coldest water I can get from my tap to close my pores. The steaming is pretty obvious, it opens my pores. I don't feel clean if I don't use warmer water, and I know I usually have a breakout when the weather gets super hot, because I usually start using cooler water out of a need to beat the heat.
  7. Absolutely right, TTO shouldn't be used on your whole face indiscriminately. I have a small bottle of TTO that I dip a qtip into, and dab on individual spots. Personally, I use a hot compress to help draw the core of the blemish to the surface, and dab TTO on it. I find it shortening the time I have cysts for by quite a lot.
  8. Tea tree oil can be bought at any store that has even the weakest "natural" section. I don't know about CVS or stores like that but Wegmans has it, Whole foods does, any kind of health food store will have it. CVS might have it... I've never really checked. Pure tea tree oil (and hot compresses, but I understand why you're hesitant to try that) has helped me reduce the duration of my cysts to only a few days, for the most part.
  9. Have you tried the hot compresses and tea tree oil that I recommended?
  10. Keep a compact and some concealer in your room with you. After nearly ten years with my husband, I still don't like to wander around his parent's house without any makeup at all, even if they are my family and love me to bits. Anything really obvious I'll cover. I personally don't care much about old scarring, but active blemishes... those get covered. Pretty much the only person who sees me sans makeup when I'm broken out is my husband, and even for him I'll wear some concealer if I feel real
  11. Ok, I don't understand how anyone can hate on exercise being a part of this plan. Exercise is ALWAYS a good idea!! Find me one licensed individual in the medical profession that tells you not to exercise and I'll eat my shoe. With regard to acne, specifically, exercise affects how well and how quickly certain foods and nutrients are metabolized (or NOT metabolized). So of course it stands to reason that exercise is a part of the equation.
  12. Personally, I think the biggest PR mistake with acne is that so many seem to think that acne is the result of being unclean-- and no one wants to be unclean, or viewed that way. Were it not for that I think acne wouldn't be the scarlet letter it is today. I don't think it'd ever be viewed as desirable, but perhaps less repelling than in is now.
  13. Little, I think if your breakouts pretty regularly coincide with your cycle, then you're more likely to have luck with hormonal regulation as a correction for your acne. Like birth control pills. They did jack squat for me for the years I was on them, except for kill my libido. But I think this is just confirming that my acne is not heavily influenced by my hormonal cycle.
  14. I've used BP in the past never found it to be effective enough to warrant the side effects. I use mainly glycolics and SAs now, as well as tea tree oil. Tea tree oil supposedly works in the same manner as BP, but is natural and less drying in the long run. I far prefer it.
  15. Ice certainly can't hurt!! Ice it for a bit, and try a hot compress followed by tea tree oil.