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  1. Glad it amuses you. It's not like bread and cereal was all that I eliminated or that I was completely lost without my precious bread and cereal. "Real food" is only a comparison of what one's idea of food actually is. A food less healthy doesn't make it any less of a food. Just as I "chose that word" grass as you so lovingly put it, you chose the words "real food." Ironic. Your sensitivity deduces that "grass" is a deragatory term and the irritability is not necessary. Apparently, your diet i
  2. Obviously, I'm not really eating grass, Alternativista. Yes, I agree with you, Spikey! I've been intaking much more omega three, including flax seed which has lots of fiber and I am feeling better. I have made permanent changes to my diet and am eating much, much healthier than before, which is something I will keep with me because I actually enjoy it. I've had a BMI calculation done and 60% of the calories I intake should be carbs. That's saying something right there! I understand why p
  3. Ok, I'm not really starving. But, I'm a slim guy and have been looking at these boards for a bit now. Decided to cut out a lot of stuff from diet for a while. Such as: dairy, gluten, grains, caffeine, pop, etc. Followed the alkaline/acidic diet. Didn't see too big of a difference. A few days ago I just started supplementing with omega 3's and my red marks are the only thing that has faded so far. Like I said, I'm slim. My metabolism is psychotic and is only worse since I am very active. Eating
  4. Mack is happy he made you smile. :) He's a cool bear.

  5. Haha! Your bear rocks :) I actually laughed a little

  6. Ya I remember reading this a while back. There's no way I'm putting that stuff on my face, though. Unless all of a sudden, everyone talks about how amazing baking soda is. Basically the most important things from this is: - beware of grains (especially containing gluten) - get your veggies - shoot for low gi content (which he doesn't mention, but he shoulda) - excercise and sun This post is gonna make me get some coconut oil, though . I've been meaning to get some kind of oil.
  7. Well the way I see it, is the information I have read on this website may end up curing me of my acne. It certainly made me change my eating habits, which is a BIG thing. If I were clear and saw someone with acne and wanted to recommend the site to them, it'd work out a lot better for that person and I for them to just see my hoodie or shirt rather than potentially embarass them. I think I may order one, though. Maybe get "screw you acne" on the back.
  8. I just started doing this same thing yesterday. I used to get around 2-4 servings of veggies per WEEK. Was CONSTANTLY eating grains. Now, I'm eating tons of veggies, getting my fruits and doing it right. No gluten! I feel pretty good, too. Even if it doesn't clear acne, it is still good for me.
  9. I don't think that you should be breaking out from a detox. Your body is most likely responding because it isn't getting the nutrients it needs.
  10. Honestly all they probably did is take NORMAL zinc and put "for acne" on there lol. Taking any zinc would very likely be the same. I've been taking zinc for quite some time now. It doesn't seem to do anything drastic, but it may be helping. I just can't see it. I still continue taking it. Might as well.
  11. Hey Willie Currently I have acne, so to be 100% honest I wouldn't wear one. However, I would DEFINITELY wear one once I clear up, basically as a way of saying I bested acne. A black hoodie would be pretty cool. White lettering maybe? P.S. lol
  12. :drool: you're very handsome : ) I like your signature =) heh :wub: thanks! that made my day better
  13. Quinoa is great for breakfast because it's good to have protein, but I prefer a somewhat sweet tasting carb for breakfast. I add quinoa to a recipe I have for baked oatmeal and apples. I also add pumpkin seeds because they are a very dense quality protein source. Another good thing for those that prefer a sweet carblike thing for breakfast is sweet potatoes.
  14. hahaa i agree with Nida :)

    Now you have another one :D

  15. ya, but im avoiding dairy because it seems to make me break out. To make up for calcium I take a women's multivitamin. ok ok ok, it doesn't do anything like put estrogen in me lol! It just has different vitamins. Lots of calcium and (the main reason I take it) it doesn't have iodine in it.