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  1. ha i just used walmart as an example of somewhere other than ordering online. i have a health food store that should carry something i am looking for. thanks
  2. anybody taking a good multivitamin. i want a pretty cheap one with all the good stuff in it. im looking for one i can pick up at like walmart or something. i dont want to order one. any suggestions??? thanks
  3. ive started taking digestive enzymes supplements with my meals and it is really helping my acne. does anyone else take them?? i heard that you can become dependent on them and i dont want that to happen. has anybody else heard that or is it true??? thanks
  4. thats a more gradual liver cleanse. it means you can do it every morning for a while. it doesnt produce the fast effects that a real liver cleanse does. but, in my opinion a gradual approach is better because the real way can leave you feeling sick and i never had the courage to go through with it. haha.
  5. im going to start using threelac to get rid of the yeast in my body that i now realize i have had for years. are there any stores that carry threelac so that i do not have to order it online??? i want to start as soon as possible and dont want to wait for it to deliver. haha. thanks
  6. i need to find some organic emu oil. anybody used it??? did it work in diminishing red marks and keeping away new acne??? where did you find it at?? thanks!!
  7. what do you mean by natural light?? where is the best place to put on makeup???
  8. im not even a big advocater of curezone, because i agree with you that they do make everyone seem sicker than they actually are and i dont really agree with the lifestyle of avoiding everything that will cause you harm just so you will feel better. I really dont notice a change in how i feel after eating shitty foods compared to good foods. But it did get rid of my acne, theres no way you can convince me otherwise. You just have to stop and ask yourself how you can call the people at curezone de
  9. i agree that ramen noodles probably airnt breaking you out. id like you to explain how the people on curezone are desperate liars. how is offering free advice THAT WORKS being a desperate liar??? you act like such a know it all but i havent seen you help anyone's situation. what do you have against holistic health. it seems like common sense that the better your diet is the better your body works, thus the better your skin will become. i just dont understand how you can argue with that. i
  10. i dont get it. so is the acv good or bad to drink. haha i dont understand all the insulin stuff. is insulin good or bad?? nebody clear this up for me. i drink acv once in awhile cuz it helps my digestion but it tastes like shit but if its better for me than i thought than i might drink it more often.
  11. hi i got a kinda stupid question about the egg mask. When i crack open the egg all i see it the yolk(yellow part) and some gooey stuff around it. is that the "egg white" or do i have to cook it first to get the egg-white?? dumb question but i want to make sure i dont put the wrong thing on my face. haha thanks
  12. what works better, apple cidar vinegar or white vinegar, or does it not make a difference?? thanks!