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  1. Hey Mademoiselle, Sorry for the late response. As crazy as it sounds I used lemon juice and my scars actually began to fade over time. And you are very beautiful by the way and I hope you get past this as time goes on. I also realized that my severe acne was due to internal factors as well. Basically I took a cotton ball and gently rubbed it on my face and left it on for about 10-15 minutes and let it dry. Within a week 10 days I saw them beginning to fade. Peace and Love
  2. when it comes to over the counter meds from what I've seen they really help those who have very mild acne or hardly any at all. If you're like me some who had very severe cystic acne, then over the counter meds would just make you angry and really disappointed.
  3. I would say it was pretty bad my junior and senior year in high school, and my freshman year in college. It really sucked. But I will say it helped me look past physical appearances when dealing with people on a social scale,
  4. My name is Aaron, I started getting acne when i turned 13 and it began to slow up once i hit 22 and it was completely gone when i turned 23. I'll be 24 in May and have been acne free without any medications or such for almost a year. I basically grew out of it. I'm here to comfort others in their time of struggle with their problems with acne. Most people without acne wouldn't waste time on a forum after they passed their war with acne. So I'm here to talk with anyone if they need someone just t
  5. I appreciate the input yall. I'll let you all know how it goes
  6. Ok heres the thing, I researched on the internet and I found out that clearing out the toxins in the body can help clear up my acne, liver flushing etc. And honestly its true in my opinion cuz everytime I take a laxative my face clears up very quickly, but I dont wanna take a laxative often cuz its not too fun. And pills that I have taken in the past worked for a while but my system got immune to them and they stopped working. The thing i'm wondering is that, is there a pill that clears the toxi
  7. Girl You are beautiful no matter what they say, I hope you find better days and for the people who made fun of you, God will make sure they get theirs.
  8. girl you are gorgious

  9. you are so damn gorgious.i want to call you sexy, but i don't want to be inapropriate because i don't know how you'll react to me sayin that.

  10. You know even if there was a cure for acne some of us wouldn't be able to afford it. Do you guys know how expensive that would be. Probably more than buying a house.