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  1. It's spread all through out my body and I just found out I have hormonal issues as well. I don't want to take steroids, if I experienced hair loss on Accutane won't taking steroids accelerate the process?! I can't believe Accutane did this to me, I freaging hate myself for it. You guys may have noticed by now but I only come on the board when I'm severely depressed, I'm a firm believer that Accutane caused these bouts of prolonged mood swings. It alters the immune system and causes a
  2. If I were you I would... Be taking vit D as you said your skin was clear in the summer. Use uv lights like others have said but I am no expert on those. I would change my diet as a naturopath has told me diet DOES matter. I only went once and I only remember him mentioning fats as a culprit. I would avoid dairy and grains. I took so many antibiotics and it is such a mistake, so add honey to your diet, and Manuka honey and I have always wanted too but just have procrastinated but order so
  3. This will be the best advice you will ever get and here it is use this Almond Oil after washing your face in the shower with wet hands smear this on and then you can rinse but don't wash it off with soap! I do it at the end and lightly pat dry with a towel. You could avoid cheek bones and your forehead to avoid the shine but if you use it every night and smear it all over then your whole face should be good. At night obviously you can just mix it with lotion or whatever right after the
  4. Yes I have joint pain among many other side effects, I would suggest going to a chiropractor, and Accutane causes auto-immune disorders and doctors don't have a clue how to detect them so I would find some sort of anti-inflammatory and look into supplements like Ginger root, Curcumin and Boswellia. Right now I am trying acupuncture and so far ya I would suggest that too for every internal side effect associated with accutane.
  5. Take it as a sign and STOP taking Accutane. It messed my health up and I hope you stop taking it and never take it again. That would be your smartest move.
  6. I took Accutane in 1999 also and I have sexual problems among many others and there ALL FROM ACCUTANE. and YES 10 years later there still here. I don't care about what fake internet kooks say or nay say. Accutane is a horrible drug and some of us get hit hard with permanent side effects. AbcAbc we need to talk and I will ask you what's going on with your problems now and how you treated them?
  7. "Due to the number of adverse effects directly related to Accutane®, the FDA now requires all patients who take Accutane to sign a consent form. Since 1996, pharmacists are required to give patients a medication guide that details the risks associated with taking Accutane. Thalidomide and Mifeprex are the only other drugs that have required a medication guide." http://www.coloradolaw.net/consumer-inform...de-effects.html
  8. I took accutane 2 courses and it's been 8 years since finishing and my skin is dry along with eyes, lips, hair and is falling out, nasal, mouth. I have blurry eyes vision is bad gets very irritated watching or concentrating on things. My breathing has never been the same since starting accutane, Inflammatory diseases have developed all over including IBD. I have of course joint aches and muscles are so stiff and weak. I have heart damage, Mental side effects so complicated can't even exactly say
  9. In my experience every side effect symptom I had on and after the drug has stayed besides as soon as you get off accutane your skin and lips get less dry but never revert back to feeling normal and then eventually my skin became a mess from immune changes and no oil to push out invading bacteria I suspect. My advice I would get off accutane and if you experience muscles pains breathing changes that's also a bad sign.
  10. I have IBD and took accutane and for those you say you can't prove a link then what about every other health problem and side effect I have that's also associated with accutane. By the way not a single person in my family has health problems cousins aunts and uncles included.
  11. Really? Because in 1999 there was nothing there was only "DRY SKIN, DRY LIPS TEMPORARILY" That's all I was told and the fact sheet that came with it had pages about not getting pregnant yet nothing else was talked about or highlighted. This whole accutane saga is misleading to everyone period
  12. Your Derm warned you about DNA changes? There's no way Why do people get all worked up over topics haha wow?! Isn't it hypocritical to ask him not to open up and speak his mind about his negative experience when you yourself are taking time out of your life to come to this thread and post your experience? Now that is annoying. When people take time to come to this forum to help others isn't that an act of kindness? Doesn't that show that they care when the goal is to prevent tragedy? Who's
  13. My problem with accutane and it being the patients and doctors decision is that 100% accutane patients who I have directly talked to have said the only thing that doctors or derms told them about accutane is temporary dry skin and lips. I know for a fact I would of never taken it if I knew then what I know now back in 99' I agree with all the points on this thread and agree all medications are scandalous. I know first hand how desperate you are when you have acne and want clear skin, at that
  14. If you read up on the biological science behind Accutane and Hypervitaminosis A, there’s some pretty startling evidence regarding apoptosis (cell death) in the brain’s hippocampus, which would explain Accutane's brain syndrome and depression. There’s also strong evidence regarding psychiatric disorders related to Hypervitaminosis A. I would strongly suggest everyone here does the research and become more familiar with the biological aspects of Accutane and the Vitamin A metabolism. I’