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  1. wow... i so envy you man... how did you do it?? nothing special but just followed regimen??? man you gotta tell us some info some special things that I did during the regimen is that i have a special towel for my face only, and pop pimples that will expel pus and sanitizing it immediately with alchohol
  2. thank you so much guys, i hope i inspired some of you to try the regimen thanks
  3. All I wanna say is Thank you Dan Kern for sharing us your success. The regimen has changed my life. When I had acne, I had little confidence too approach girls, the only thing that I have is my humor. Acne has lowered my self esteem so much that I think I have wasted some years of my teenage life. Back at December 08, there was an event in my life that pushed me saying "I'm fed up with acne so much and I'm gonna do something about it and I will never give up!". So my first weapon is the intern
  4. Greetings, I started my regimen more than six months ago and I have to say, thank you Dan Kern!!! On my previous posts, I said that I get an average of one pimple a day, especially on the cheeks and below the hairline. It was like a month ago, but I seldom have pimples on my chin, jawline, and the temples. Now after six months, I very cleared up, like 90 percent, I have these little blackheads but I can cope with that. My only problems is red marks and those very hard to get blackheads on t
  5. Stick with cetaphil. St. Ives and other similar scrubs can be too rough and can scratch your skin, leaving a nice environment for more breakouts. Someone on the regimen shouldn't be doing any additional exfoliation of any type (chemical or mechanical) until s/he's been using the full dosage of BP for at least a month and is fully acclimated to that full dosage. If you're doing the regimen, be sure to read the Biggest Mistakes page, what to expect, and FAQs for further information. I'
  6. I read something here that exfoliating while on the regimen is bad. is this true? And also I read some reviews about the St. Ives Apricot Scrub that it causes breakouts. I've been using it like 3 days now because I ran out of cetaphil skin cleanser. I'm already clear with some few blackheads here and there but I changed to St. Ives Apricot Scrub as a cleanser. Do you think I should stick with whats working for me (cetaphil) or should I change to St. Ives Apricot Scrub? Hope you guys can reply
  7. I understand you dude. You know what, at my position, I'm a very positive person, I make A LOT of people laugh especially in the classroom, I've got a lot of friends, I'm close to God. But there's one thing, ACNE! Well most of my acne is gone since I started out the regimen 4 months ago, all I got is these damn redmarks, but still, I'm still that person who is positive, funny etc. Ive been suffering this acne since I was 11 or 12 but now I'm 15. Acne made my life a worse, like you I would be goo
  8. me too, I am exactly 5 months and 9 days in the regimen, my acne has significantly reduced, before the regimen, I had a very oily face, so many blackheads, and some very big pimples. But now, I can say that like freshtodeath, my face has gotten bad but my acne has gone better. What I mean is that my acne has reduced but there are days that THEY SUDDENLY BREAK OUT IN WAVES!!! There are weeks that I'm very clear except with blackheads and suddenly pimples start to break out. Its like in every br
  9. hey guys Can I get your comment on this I'm on my fourth month on the regimen, its seems to work, my acne on the jawline, temples, chin side of nose, lower portion of my forehead is gone. But on the portion just under the hairline on my fore head and my cheeks are really bothering. Acne is breaking out DAILY on this areas, I think that the 2.5% BP isn't working, so what i did is I took 10% BP and applied it to my CHEEKS only, I'm on my 2nd day of trying it. Do you think that the acne on my ch
  10. So for example, I've been using 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide for the last four months, my skin is used to it, my acne has reduced but still I'm having 1 pimple a day, can I change to 5% BP? Guys, can I get your thoughts on this? thanks
  11. ohhh okay I've read on the treatment reviews that when they apply it, it reduces the redness and and helps heal the pimples or blackheads that had popped. Do you think its good if I apply the aloe to those acne that has popped already so that it may heal faster?
  12. Yes, sensitive skin ko, madami. Nasa genes namin eh. Update sa 10%, yun, ang kati!!! haha. tama si dan. Buti na lang binilan ako ng nanay ko ng panoxyl 2.5% kanina, pero parang nanibago kahit isang araw pa lang ako gumagamit ng 10 %. Yung naglagay ako ng 2.5, sobrang tigas ng mukha ko, di ako maka ngiti, buti na lang may moisturizer. Ang mahal naman ng ginagamit mo. Effective ba? Problema ko rin ang blemishes. Binilan ako kanina ng nanay ko ng St. Ives na blemish fighting pero feeling ko maii
  13. hey guys, sorry if I'm speaking in filipino, just want to update, my skin is slowly beginning become itchy after I apply some 10%bp. Luckily, my mom bought me some 2.5 % again and I'm back on my normal dosage after 1 1/2 day. Anyways I still want to get some info on this topic. any more inputs?
  14. uy ikaw yung nag reply dun sa isa kong thread. hahaha bakit gising ka pa? desperado ka rin yata matangal pimples mo ha. mahal kasi ng panoxyl, eh yung ate ko, binilan ako ng BP, 10 % naman, mali yung nabili, kaya habang nag iipon ako, yun muna gagamitin ko. sanay na balat ko sa panoxyl, pero natatakot ako na baka masunog mukha ko sa 10%, ano sa tingin mo?