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  1. I tried ACV several times, and each time I broke out. Still, most others seem to have great results using it, but it didn't work personally (plus, the smell was horrible). I used lemon juice for a long time, and at first it helped, but eventually it stopped working (this also burned like crazy, and was especially painful on any popped zits. I had to sit directly in front of the fan for a minute or so whenever I put it on to make the pain go away). My derm. told me that was way too acidic, anywa
  2. Sounds like there has been much success with these products... I am considering purchasing the toner myself, as that is the one piece of my skin care regimen I don't have set in stone. I am finally on the track to controlling acne itself, thanks to a recent visit to my derm, but I have horrible hyperpigmentation left in its wake. Would the toner alone be enough to help, or should I purchase the facial cream as well?
  3. How're you? It has been awhile!

  4. Is that Joe Satriani?

  5. Ah, I am facing that issue as well. I went to the derm. recently and got put on a new regimen, which I have very high hopes for and has already seemed promising (crossing my fingers), so for now my concern for acne itself is on the backburner. However, I have horrible hyperpigmentation left behind as well. I asked my derm. if there was anything and I could do, and she stated there is simply no cream out there, bleaching or otherwise (bleaching is what I asked about), that will help, and that I
  6. That is why I always use a toner, regardless of my facewash. Unfortunately, Witch Hazel broke me out. I used lemon juice for a long time, but after going to the derm. today I completely changed my regimen, and I am going to use the gentler rice water instead.
  7. 1. Picking/squeezing. I still have regular breakouts and horrible hyperpigmentation, so I can't tell just how much damage has been done, but I regret it every single time. I'm trying to break this awful habit. 2. Not sticking to regimens long enough, perscriptions especially. The initial breakout always scares me away from continuing, even though I know to expect it. I'm going to try and erase both habits. I want to stop my picking habit, and I also have a tube of Differin and a tube of Tazor
  8. That's funny, your situation sounds almost identical to my own. My cheeks, chin and mouth are where 98% all my breakouts occur, my forehead is relatively clear (and if I do get acne, it's near my temple area, which has flared up a bit recently), but the edges of my face/nose/cheekbone area are usually acne-free. I've always thought that cheeks/chin/mouth was mostly hormonal? I could be wrong, though.
  9. I have very fair skin as well. The problem with this is that my hyperpigmentation doesn't take much to show up, takes a long time to go away, and is very noticable. I do still get breakouts, though, and they all seem to pile on the same spot; thus, it's even more obvious. So, I'm in your boat.
  10. It's certainly possible. I've lived in Florida (a very humid environment) my entire life, and mornings can be especially bad and cause my skin to produce more oil than normal. :/
  11. I feel your pain. I mean, I still get a few on my forehead, but my cheeks/chin are horrendous in comparison. From what I understand, isn't that area breaking out mostly attributed to hormones?
  12. Alright, so it's been a while since I've come on here. Recently, though, I've been struggling with finding a system that works for my acne; my current regimen is effective for part of my active acne, but red marks and smaller breakouts continue to occur. As I began considering different routes, a thought occured to me: my body acne is virtually clear, whereas my face is a mess. On my body acne, all I use is standard Clearsil Pore cleansing pads at morning and at night, as well as wash once a da
  13. Goodness, you haven't been on in a while! =O How are you?

  14. Yep! I just graduated two weeks ago from today (Saturday!). lol. I do sometimes, I think they are just a bit ahead of where I am right now though. Eeee! When you read something, let me know!

  15. My prom was all right, and my graduation just happened lol XD. So im late on telling you the news on this! I'm at the beginning of the Pein story plot, so I'm slowly but gradually catching up! Where are you at nowadays?!?!