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  1. Well... I hate to be the one to say this... but your skin is probably going to get pissed that you cut off the BP, and its going to let you know it too! But I think its kinda like ripping off a band aid. The faster you do it the faster the pain will pass. I was on the BP regimen for a couple years and my skin had cleared up nicely (to the point I had some scarring but no acne.) Then after a bit I started wondering if really needed to keep using bp and could just pass with aha. So I tried it.
  2. Does anyone know about their tinted moisturizing sunscreen?
  3. I concur! I too work in a Lush store in the UK, and use ultrabland at night to take off makeup, before some toner and a nighttime gel such as Duac.. Coalface every morning - its amazing. Really calming, helps to unclog pores without the need for scrubbing! Though i have to follow with a toner and moisturiser otherwise my skins left too squeaky clean. Ocean Salt, yes it can be very srubby but make sure you whip it up in the pot with your finger first to get all the salt mixed in properly (the t
  4. do you have oily or dry skin? enzymion, ocean salt, and coalface are for oily. ultra bland is for dry ( DO NOT use this unless your skin is dry. You have been warned.) Now I have oily skin and I personally use coalface for my cleanser, then benzoyl peroxide for my treatment, then imperialis (enzymion works even better but i didnt want to pay the extra money) as my moisurizer in the morning AHA in the evening. Ocean salt is very harsh on your skin, i recommend if there is a lush near you t
  5. I've used herbalism, coalface, fresh farmacy, ocean salt, the cosmetic warrior mask + many more... Coalface is a godsend and herbalism works very well on me. FF broke me out, ocean salt is too harsh for me to use daily but it is a great occasional exfoliater. Cosmetic warrior mask helps a lot when it comes to acne, it deep cleanses and appears to be helping with my surface scars. For moisturizers, Ive been using imperialis which lasts forever, normally thats a good thing but since its only an