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  1. Hey guys I have had success with epiduo so far clearing my acne. The only problem is that it causes my face to become shiny or very oily looking... even after I wash my face. Retin-a-micro also did this to my skin.... My skin is not oily so the shine is not caused by that... it just has a weird sheen.... almost plastic looking.... Anybody else encounter this?? And what can I do... should I use it less? I use epiduo once a day.
  2. I have blue shield also. it was expensive for me but it should last for a very long time! it cost me about $110.00.... But aczone also works but that is very expensive and usually only lasts a month... aczone is about $115.00
  3. well my derm prescribed me aczone, which I have used for about 3 months.... but now I read on their website that you shouldn't use aczone if you are on any anti-malarial medications(it never said that on their website before!) & guess what im on doxycycline also for acne... have been using for 2 months, but it is also used as an anti-malaria medicine! Also the doctor just prescribed me plexion.. which is a face wash that also has antibiotic and sulfur.... Aren't I on too many antibotics? 1 o
  4. i had a sample 5 pack of minocin & it seems to have already started working, i was excited to pick up my prescription. Then i found out it was $550.00 Dollars!! i was shocked. Anybody know why the capsules are so expensive... I have insurance too! So i didnt pick it up
  5. Hello, My doctor put me on generic zithromax (azithromycin). But i am only to take 500mg once a week (Liquid)... i have been using it for three weeks and it feels like my acne is worst. I also called my doctor when i first got it perscribed & she said once a week is correct... .... I think im going to call her again & say i read online alot of people take it three times a week.... Does your skin purge with this antibotic.... Please help!
  6. are you currently taking an antibotic? because if you take antibotics too long, it may cause an infection.
  7. Hey guys & girls, My derm just perscribed my AZITHROMYCIN, but she said to only take it once every seven days... So once a week (Every Friday) i take 500MG, Is that even enough to clear my acne. I though alot of people would usually take like 400 mg a day?... Also im going to be on it for about 2 months.... Should i call the derm and tell her if i can take 400mg every other day or something? Thanks guys!
  8. wow thats not good cause the yellowing can last for about a week or two! but its okay it will go away, while your using aczone at all, do not ever apply benzoyl peroxide, even when you washed your face, because their will always be very small amounts left on the skin. so either stick to one or the other, hope this helps
  9. Well every time you go tanning starting from the day before, don’t use BP or any acne product..You can resume using them again after you go tanning...then just give yourself another break from acne products for a day when you decide to go again, starting from the day before apply moisturizer twice a day to your face & wash with a gentle cleanser..... Also what I do is that when you go in a tanning bed, for lets say 10 minutes. Tan your whole body for like 6 minutes, and then the remainder
  10. OMG guys im soo excited, i have tried everything from retin-a-micro, benzaclin, climindymicin, proactiv etc etc......... ACZONE cleared up my cystic acne in 3 days!! this is a miracle, It just wish it was cheaper!, it cost me $120 dollars for a 30gram tube, which is kind of expensive, but wow. Also it usually only works for inflammatory acne, so if you have another type of acne, it might not work. But give it a try, all you do is apply it twice a day, once and night and once in the morning. Of
  11. Hey guys, im really confused.... i usually get acne on the side of my face near hairline... I was wondering to help clear up my skin, should i use AHA or BHA. whats the pros & cons of each?... also should i just keep using retin-a-micro because it exfoliates better? Thanks P.S. my acne is Inflamed acne only
  12. Hey guys if you need help regarding mystic tan, ask me, i know everything about mystic a-z how to prep and how to stay tan etc...... I also have the ingredients for their products, the only thing im trying to do is figure out if they are non-comedogenic.... because i have acne... (if you know please let me know) Mystic tan Solution: Stabilized aloe Vera gel, dihydroxyacetone,butylene glycol, pentylene glycol, ordenone, zinc ricinoleate, tetrahydroxypropyl ethylenediamine, laureth-3,propylene g
  13. Hey guys I have been using mystic tan for a while and I was wondering maybe if that was clogging my pores.... I have the ingredients for the mystic tan formula... Mystic tan Solution: Stabilized aloe Vera gel, dihydroxyacetone,butylene glycol, pentylene glycol, ordenone, zinc ricinoleate, tetrahydroxypropyl ethylenediamine, laureth-3,propylene glycol,tocopheryl acetate, polysorbate 20, citric acid, sodium citrate,phenoxyethanal, simethicone Here is the PDF for the Ingredients Also i use so