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  1. Glycolic/Lactic/Salicylic ... Is there a majority with initial breakouts? Let's find out!
  2. It was a 40% lactic you used, right? Did you have any downtime on that?
  3. This might be a really silly question, databased, but what about a melatonin-pill? Wouldn't that help? (sorry if this is amazingly obvious, I just haven't got a clue)
  4. So, a rather technical question, but hey: It seems like people are having trouble covering their whole face, and feel a need to turn after half the time to do the other side, neck, back etc. What about using a mirror? Kind of enclosing the lamp with mirrors on both sides, slightly angled towards you.. Would that work do you think?!
  5. I recently looked through some old pictures of me and my friends, (before I got acne) and I suddenly discovered how many of them who actually had loads of spots! And I never noticed that! Like, really, I didn't see it! But now, of course, it's the first thing you see on someone
  6. - Know the exact location of every single small spot (though they can be counted on two hands) on my classmates and friends. - Get imense pleasure when a clear friend suddenly gets a spot, and then hating him/her for how quickly it will fade (a process I watch carefully) - imagining that different substances help that really don't help at all (like walking around on a windy day and daydreaming that the wind blows away your acne) - looking at old pictures of myself and trying to understand what h
  7. How did it go after some time? Did the peeling help fading your marks? Have you done any more?
  8. This is probably a question asked a million times before, but I couldn't find the answer, so I'll go ahead: A non inflamed spot, that suddenly goes a bit inflamed. And stays and stays and stays. It has no clear head, but is not just plain red either. What to do with it?!?
  9. I'm trying to get my doctor to give me Tetracycline, but at the same time im planning on doing a salicylic peel at a clinic, just to kind of attack it from all angles. Is this a bad idea? My doctor first prescribed me some erythromycin gel, but that doesn't go with the peel, and for some reason I have more belief in those peels than I have in topical antibiotics. (this is the first proper go I have at any kind of medicated treatments, after BP didn't work, and my diet approach failed). Last q
  10. I am, as many others, getting most of the acne on one side of my face (in my case the left side) I change my pillow cover every other day (and turn it on the off day), so it can't be that. My cellphone is always to my right chin, so it cant be that either. So, i figured it must be the skin not getting air during the night etc. I'm just not able to fall asleep on my back, and I'll just turn to the other side during the night anyway, so I needed another remedy. I was thinking of stealing a small
  11. Ok, I'm getting so tired of this now Been trying to fight my quite mild acne for some months now, but the results are SO confusing. Started out with Dans regimen, and just figured that it would kill it for good. Stayed on it for two months, but it acutally made stuff worse. I'm not trying to talk it down in any way, it just didn't work for my skin type I guess. My face just became terribly dry, even when I threw in a bunch of jojoba in the moisturizer (all Dans products). So I figured I had
  12. I guess that instead of sitting here feeling bad for myself I should be outside running around in the sun saying f**k you to my face, but I had a need to get this out: I'm on this really fierce diet now, really trying to attack stuff from all angles, and I'm really tough on myself not allowing myself the smallest treat (havent had a biscuit in several months) and I found this butter without dairy in the store the other day, happy right into my sole because I once again could enjoy butter on my
  13. Thanks again for your research, databased. It's really helpful. A though: In your melatonin theory.. shouldn't then people above the artic circle be far more troubled by acne that the rest of the western world? Take Norther-Norway as an example. They follow a wester diet, but have sun all around the clock for several months during the summer, and (perhaps even worse) no sun at all during the winter.. If the melatonin-cycle is related to acne, this would be bound to be affecting these people in
  14. Sorry, this is a bit off-topic, but u guys living in the uk.. where do you get your d-vit supplements from?