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Hydrating w/o being greasy Doesn't make skin feel oily Soothing Feels and smells great Economical (one container lasts forever) None! LOVE it! I bought it to use on my face, but it worked so well I started using it on my chest and back as well. It's super hydrating but doesn't make my skin feel greasy or oily like some other moisturizers. I use CeraVe foaming wash in the AM, then the wash and this lotion at night. I started this combo when I started retinoids, and I never

By pinkpugsy,

Cleans skin without drying Removes makeup easily Doesn't cause breakouts Economical (one bottle lasts forever) Gentle Doesn't exfoliate (but then again, doesn't claim to!) Love, love, love this stuff. I 100% believe this brand is the reason my skin hasn't dried out AT ALL from using retinoids. I use the foaming cleanser AM & PM, with the moisturizing lotion PM only (and sometimes not at all). Other cleansers make my skin red or itchy after using them, but CeraVe never

By pinkpugsy,

Makes skin feel really healthy, directions are clear, works! Can be drying I wanted to get on here and tell people about my experience with Proactiv because I've read so many negative reviews. I was actually afraid to try it because all over the web people are blasting it! But if you really think about it, you are only hearing one side of the argument; people who a treatment has worked for aren't on these acne websites anymore, so you're mainly hearing from the people who a treatment didn't wo

By pinkpugsy,