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  1. Ugh, ok, I can't even believe I'm doing this but here is some proof that you should have hope!! The first two pictures are from my IB. The second two show me with makeup at work on as I was starting to really clear up this week. The last two are me tonight without foundation- no pimples, just redness! It took 11 1/2 weeks to really kick in, but it was so worth it!! EDIT: I am not naked in those! hahaha I just have on a tube dress from VS
  2. Update.. it's been about 11 1/2 weeks on Spiro (50mg twice a day) and 5 1/2 weeks on Differin at night. I'm kind of scared to say this BUT MY FACE IS CLEAR! No little bumps, no cysts, nothing. It's been 5 or so days since I had a pimple, and even that was very small and came to a head in 24 hours. I still have red marks, but they aren't noticeable with just a little bit of foundation. I'm not even wearing concealer. Side effects: HORRIBLE breakout right at Day 21 of Differin. Lots of
  3. It seems like there is a lot of disagreement among derms about spiro. Mine told me I should see good results within 3 months. He wanted me to watch out for side effects within the first couple of weeks (dizziness, LBP, etc.), so it didn't surprise me when I noticed the thirst right away. The appetite changes only really came for me big time around week 4, though. On a positive note, they had to take in the waist of my wedding dress! haha
  4. Sorry, I just saw this! Actually, I started using a toner with glycolic acid and my derm gave me Differin. Those have both helped tremendously. He said it is a good thing that my acne/comedones are showing closer to the skin instead of deep down... I guess he disagrees with those derms who say spiro doesn't cause purging or IBs. He also took me off of doxy, so now I'm dealing with a mild IB from Differin. It's such a give and take! :o)
  5. Kelsey, I saw my derm a week and a half ago and he started me on Differin to help with the clogged pores. Since I hadn't had any big zits and was having a reaction to the doxy, he had me stop it. It's been 11 days or so and I have five giant zits on my cheeks (near sideburns). However, the rest of my face is looking pretty darn good. I thought I was done with these cysts/pseudo cysts/giant bumps!! I figure it is part of going off the doxy and part of the purging from the Differin.... Unfort
  6. I actually have some proactiv toner so I gave it a try tonight. I've always been a fan of the white towel test- if I don't see any makeup on my white towel after drying my face, I know my face wash worked (or so I thought). Tonight, I used the toner after drying... OH.MY.GOD. There was brown stuff all over the cotton ball! And mainly from my jawline, where my problem is. I shiver to think I've been leaving that on my face every day/night. Thank you so much for the tip!! I'm going to start
  7. Thank you Tracy! My regimen is as follows: AM and PM -wash with neutragena naturals pore cleanser with willowbark -aczone -oil free cucumber moisturizer with salicylic acid -spiro and doxy with food I have found over the years that with my giant pores and oily skin, mild exfoliating everyday is a must. If I use anything else to wash my face (cerave, cetaphil, OTC acne products, just water) I end up with clogged pores everywhere. The neutragena naturals is great because it exfoliates j
  8. Hey everyone!! I hope you don't mind if I hijack this thread... You all seem so nice and helpful! I've been on spiro 50mg twice a day for almost 5 weeks. I had been on Yaz/Yasmin for 10 years and had pretty ok skin (I also use aczone) but I didn't have a period from July 2012-December 2012. My hormones were "normal" and my doctor didn't seem concerned (wth!?!?) so I decided to stop bc on my own. I stopped the second week of December and had a period before New Years. My skin started getti
  9. I FINALLY had clear skin last year for the first time in 5 years. However, due to amenorrhea I quit taking Yaz in December 2012. My face was amazing for about two months, then I started getting very tiny white bumps all over the jawline on my chin. In April I developed cysts on my chin and cheeks. Derm said it was probably hormone related and put me on doxycycline. After about a month, the cysts were much better but I had the little white bumps all along my jaw and each one was turning into
  10. I went off of BC for health reasons in mid-December 2012. I had amazing skin for about 6 weeks (literally no acne) and then started breaking out like crazy every other week. I received a sample of Eclos cleanser and Eclos facial scrub 6 weeks ago and used them on and off for a couple of weeks. My skin ended up looking amazing- I got so many compliments! I was so impressed that 3 weeks ago I went out and bought full size bottles. About 10 days ago, I noticed that I was getting a lot more
  11. BP absolutely does make red marks last longer. BP generates free radicals on the skin, similar to what happens when you're out in the sun without any SPF. Free radicals slow the healing process of any injury, including the red marks left over from acne. I would assume they will eventually fade in time even with BP usage, but I personally don't think BP is all that this site touts it to be. It's really not that good for your body.
  12. Imontgom, I've been on antidepressants for over ten years (serotonin-reuptake malfunction runs in my family). If it's an SSRI, I've been on it. I've never noticed any correlation with acne... the first eight years I was on them (ages 13-21), I didn't even have acne. I'm currently on a low dose of Cymbalta and my skin is clear thanks to Atralin. I've tried just about everything over the years to try to beat depression/anxiety without antidepressants because I hate the thought of needing a dru
  13. I had something very similar in middle school.... always flesh-colored, never very red, and usually squeezing just produced liquid. Exfoliating like crazy would make them go away for a couple of days, but then they'd eventually just come right back. ABX and Differin did nothing. Turns out it was folliculitis.. Head and Shoulders got rid of it.
  14. Hi Phoemein, Did you have cysts and nodules beforehand? That was the big warning sign for me. Some derms say you shouldn't technically even have an IB if you are using the product correctly, but even the ones who do believe in IBs usually won't tell you that developing a new type of acne is normal. Unless your skin is predisposed to cystic acne (meaning it's the type of acne you're seeking treatment for), tretinoin treatments should NOT cause cysts. I wish I had known this before I tried
  15. Alright, well, the verdict is in... Epiduo was HELL for my face! Before Epiduo, I was on Atralin for 12 weeks for my minor to moderate (keyword: mainly minor) acne. It cleared it up nicely but still left me with lots of clogged pores, so I switched to Epiduo. After 15 weeks on Epiduo, I can officially say that it completely changed my skin. I had cysts (or nodules) constantly.. even if you couldn't see them, you could feel them under the skin. I also started breaking out on my cheeks, which