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  1. I'm getting my fourth fraxel this friday in Houston. Anyone, who is post Fraxel one year or so, had any success stories? Also, anyone else experience any long term tanning? It appears as though my skin is a tad bit darker and there is a bit of a line along my eye sockets.
  2. How long has it been since you had fraxels? Did you see IMPROVEMENT? Your scars ARE here to stay, but they *can* diminish.
  3. How would people rate subcision here in terms of effectiveness? About how much is the procedure?
  4. I'm a full time student and full time pharmacy technician. I'll be buying a car very soon, among a lot of things, so I'm building up a cash reserve for that and then for scar treatments.
  5. ive asked this several times before in the past and no one seems to know...and I've of course done the research, to no results...
  6. Does anyone know of any doctor that does needling in the Houston or just Southeast Texas area? Southwest Louisiana even?
  7. Well, does anyone know of any doctors in Texas(specifically Houston or maybe Dallas) that do subcision? How much does Dr.Y charge for them?
  8. I'm interested to hear about Dr.A's rates as well. Anyone know if he does subcisions?
  9. What exact procedures does Y do? Dermabrasion and punch floats, I know. Does he do subcisions? What are his rates? I know the dermabrasion is 4,500.
  10. Anyone know any good doctors in Houston that perform subscisions and maybe TCA's? I know Dr.Markus is supposed to be pretty good, but his site doesn't mention that he does subcisions; it's just on his 'treatment' page.
  11. Hello. Been a while since I've posted. Anyone know of any dermatologists or plastic surgeons in the Houston/Southeast Texas area that perform needling? What is the cost of a session, abouts?
  12. Sorry to see you go, but it's great that you feel that you no longer need to be hear. Truly an inspiration for all of us. Best wishes.