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  1. please clarify for me, there is a repairing lotion and a repairing anti-aging serum, which one did you start with?
  2. I am 25 with mild acne with flare up around 'that time of the month' I have just picked up the ACNESCRIPTION MMPI ACNE REPAIR SERUM. It has great reviews on totalbeauty.com Anyone else use anything else from her line? She also has a acne repair lotion, which looks more like for just treated active pimples. Would love some feedback, thanks ya'll.........
  3. I just read all of your entries and would love to start communicating with you. Your like me, with skin that is a bit sensitive with mild to moderate acne and breakouts around 'that time of the month'. My skin just broke out crazy last week due to my cycle coming. I read a lot online about what to do. I am 25, pretty and hate battling acne. Seems like it has been persistent the last year and a half. Soooooo, in the last week I went back on the 'Botchla' regimen which is washing with 2 cleansers,
  4. I used my AHA+ for the first time last night, I have no active pimples at the moment, one healing on my right temple and another on the underside of my chin. I mostly have 3-4 major pimples a month but since I have cut sugar and gluten out of my diet the last week or so, it really has improved. Anyways, I used the AHA for the first time last night and can already say, it had results, I am 'glow-ier' and can see how it will fade the left over red marks, which I have but no scarring... LOVE IT! Ya
  5. I had mild acne with hormonal flare ups, so most of the time I am 90% clear, I tried Dior Airflash and didn't like it at all, it is only for people who want HEAVY coverage and will look like you are wearing SERIOUS makeup.
  6. direct sun for longer periods of time, like over 10 minutes will not acne, but yes getting outside is important for skin
  7. sun DEFINETELY prolongs the left over red marks from acne as well as hyperpigmentation and inflammation
  8. i have started trying this as well... using the evian spray to wash at night and in the morning... i am hormonal right now so it is hard to know if it is doing anything because i always break out around 'that time of the month'... but what about makeup? i don't think that water is enough.... ????
  9. i started taking zinc 50mgs per day sometimes 100... haven't noticed much of a difference. is it safe to take more? how much should i take for moderate and very hormonal acne? Only if megadosing zinc. And I did not know enough at that time to keep melatonin a constant, so it's a crapshoot what I was really testing. But since things are looking good on 2x30mg zinc/day with this regimen (and may work with less, I'm working my way down), I haven't gone back to that line of testing.
  10. even if you shield your face when you spray it, it will still get on your skin especially for us people with bangs... i had a totally unlike me breakout all over my forehead 3 weeks ago, it all has cleared and i just thought it was because i had an abnormal cycle. well, it has all cleared except this patch on the left side of my forhead where i tend to wear my bangs... there has got to be SOMEONE on here who has found a hairspray that DOESN'T do this... please reply
  11. I would like to know a good hair spray for acne prone women... I switched recently to Pantene Classic Hairspray and it totally made me forehead break out! BEWARE!!!
  12. try and cut the cereal out, trust me i know its hard, but the longer you keep things like wheat, white flour and sugar in your body, the longer it will take to detox it and have clear skin! good luck!
  13. If I knew how to give you perfect skin, I would be running your credit card # right now and sending you some lotion or pills ). Here's most of what I know: a) I took a megadose of zinc and got clear for the first time ever. b) I took the megadose without the rest of my pills and was no longer clear, though not at my worst. c) I can't take a megadose of zinc forever. You can read this thread and see where my personal experiments are going. If you're taking your zinc topically, I don't kno