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  1. thanks so much for your words of inspiration. i think you understand where i am coming from. if anything i am developing goods habits from all of this like....lip and face moisturizer, wearing sun sreen, not washing my hair every day. i have also just expected my face as it is...plus i realize that no one has perfect skin. its all in my head. however, i cant wait for the results after. keep in touch and let me know how things are going. you are about 1 month ahead.
  2. its hard to say...because everyone is different. the derm told me that "it will get worse b4 its gets better," the pharm told me "the first 2 weeks the acne gets worse, so do not let that get to you". my "acne" wasnt that severe....just the huge cystic pimples that HURT I blieve this a) its gets worse depending on your acne b) how bad it gets depends on how bad you pick. hope this helps. and congrats to your son.
  3. i am glad to hear your blood work is due. Yay cause that means time is passing by and then i go for mine next Tuesday. My cheeks and my chin seem to be the IB spot for me too. My derm told me that in females that is common because of our hormones blah blah blah. I am sorry you had a Headache...i found that if i take Extra Strength Excedrin the headache goes away. When i had a past spinal tab the Dr. told me that taking aspirin with a little caffeine helps to relieve the pressure in the b
  4. Day 14 So far not too much has changed. Days are going by faster and my spirits are up (my boyfriend reminds me all the time that i am still pretty even though the tane is making m break out). On that note my cheeks are pretty much healed i just have some activites to the right of my lip on my chin, but make up covers it up pretty well. My skin is dry and i am itchy all over...especially my scalp. Any suggestions anyone????? I have been using head and shoulders, but it just makes my hair
  5. On day 11 so in about two weeks i have a second derm appt...seems like time is going buy faster as i am trying to live without thinking about my face too much. Even though it is hard, i am just trying to stay busy. I am not going to let the accutane limit me and what i do. For example, i played golf yesterday and felt so good after. I was a little sun burnt, but it healed over night. as far as breaking out i have an a new pimple to the left of my lip but it isnt very noticble. as far as t
  6. well i was on my 7th pill when the headaches started, but i think i know what it was...I WASNT DRINKING ENOUGH WATER THROUGHOUT THE DAY. I skipped two days but my derm said that was okay so i am back to taking 40m a day. I have been drinking over a gallon of water/liquids a day, no alcohol (even though i love wine ), and though i have lost my appetite i am taking my pill with fatty foods like ice-cream to absorb into my system cleaner. i have been pretty sore and fatigue so i havent worked
  7. so my headaches got so bad that i stopped taking accutane. plus i was so upset about my breakout that i figured maybe its just better for me to live with moderate breakout then feel like this. maybe i just didnt drink enough water. i am feeling miserable...like i failed. does anyone have adivce about the headaches?????
  8. i am about a week behind you and I am miserable....today at least. Im 5'8 and 130lbs too. I cant taste anything and am losing weight too. good luck and keep in touch. i look forward to reading your progress
  9. Background, I have always had pimples from time to time...mostly around my period. When I turned 21ish I began to get really big pimples that would not pop and would be painful. To make a long story short I used to never wear makeup in college unless we were going out and now I will not leave home without masking my face with bare minerals. It got a lot worse when I moved in with my boyfriend at 23 years old. In November 2008 I was all registered to Ipledge and got my blood work done, but
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