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  1. I complely concur with Cat Commander-猫司令官: I too think that women with acne are more attractive (on average). Acne and/or acne scars makes their face much more special and lovely. And many men think so, even if many won't admit it because they don't want to sound strange. But in reality, we are all fed up with the "flawless girl" image that magazines promote!
  2. Acne on women is a turn on for many guys. Not only guys who used to have acne.
  3. That may be true for really young persons, I mean, teenagers. Mostly because teenagers are very much under the influence of stereotypes on appearance. For adults, to the contrary, it is much more accepted for women to have acne. In fact, many men even think that acne in adult woman can be somehow attractive - maybe indeed because this is associated to women hormone.
  4. I think that many men find that acne on a woman can be quite attractive. Not only a few pimples, but even a lot of acne or acne scars: it is full of charm.
  5. I think that women with acne/acne scars are actually attractive: the acne gives them a lot of charm. Having discussed this with friends I know this is an opinion which is much more wide spread than people (in particular girls) would believe. (and I don't have acne myself so it is not because I like girls who share the same issue)
  6. The good thing is that your boyfriend doesn't care what you look like. The even better thing is that you do not look like bad at all! You do have a beautiful skin, even with the acne, juding from your pictures!
  7. Hi Sylbee. I understand that you feel bad about your acne. But there's one thing you should know, in particular re. your fear to go out in public and interact: despite the stereotype, many men do not find that acne is uggly in women. On the opposite, many think that it can be charming, in particular in women in their late twenties or thirties. I known that this opinion does not come across a lot to women, because women are usually very tought with one another, but this is a fact. I hope that kn
  8. So shall I conclude that you disagree with me r0ckst4r? That's your right, of course, but it's all the more a shame as, judging from your gallery, you are one of best examples of a girl being made only more overwhelmingly charming by her acne. You should really drop the motto "broken beauty" (well, the word broken I mean)
  9. That hasnt been my experience at all! Men look at me funny when I dont wear make up to cover my zits. They have this disgusting grin on their face and tell me my face looks aweful Well, some men dislike acne, that's sure. But I would bet that the ones that told you that your face looks awful are assholes who told this to you just to hurt you, not so much because that's what they really think. Mane men on the opposite find that acne can be attractive. Ther's a good chance that some of the
  10. I would like to reassure you: unlike what you think, many men don't care at all about acne, and a lot even think that it can be pretty in certain circumstances. In particular chest acne is not at all a turn off, on the opposite it can be very sexy. So have not fear.
  11. I understand that you feel bad, but you should know that, unlike what you think, not only most of the men don't really care about whether girls have acne or not, but even for some of us acne looks pretty on a girl. In particular I am sure that in your case with your midl acne located on the jawline, cheeks and around the mouth, many would find you even more beautiful without the makeup. (plus, in any event, the shape of your face is really charming). So cheer up, don't let bad thoughts take ov
  12. Acne is often linked to hormonal overflow also in adult women. This means that it is only normal for women to have acne from time to time, ad it's not an issue for their beauty.
  13. I'm not sure i understand what "move along" means. (sorry, I'm not a native english speaker). Could you enlight me?
  14. I find acne scars to look nice on women too, by the way. Different from acne itself, but nice too.
  15. Well, if they are "perfect", they probably don't exist. Unless you are living within the matrix.