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  1. All of a sudden the accutane has seemed to not work as well for me as it did in the beginning. im apporaching 8 weeks and i used to get rashes, dry skin, nosebleeds, and such and i thought well thats good cause the accutane is working, now it has all stopped and i got a few new pimples and stuff and the redness and red spots looks a littlw worse. anyone else had this happen?
  2. i would have to agree with steve on this one. after wanking i find my face more red the next day or so, and with a couple new pimples popping out. ive went for a while and my face started nicely clearing up, then bam, wank wank, and there came sum redness and new pimples. based on my own experience im gonna stop, just cause ive seen it happen many times to myself.
  3. actually...the ingredients are on the box. its a homeopathic medicine tablet, gaining the name 'NATURE'S cure'. if u look on the side it will list all these scientific names and such in doses of 6x, 12x or 30x. back in the day i used this stuff, and it worked really well for my mild acne. your not supposed to drink or eat anything 15 minutes before and after taking homeopathic medicine. give it a few days. i saw nice results with it. also dont slab on the bp they give u with it all over your fac
  4. Hey bobo, did u ever receive your proactiv skin lightening lotion, and if so is it going well for you? all i have left are these crappy red marks, and im looking to get rid of them quickly.
  5. hey i was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of or used this cream. its supposed to be very good for scarring and getting rid of those pesky red marks.
  6. Hey guys i was wondering if any of you had used any of the AcneMiracle topical products, besides the free gel that comes with your order of the powder. if so, what were your results with it. it looks like pretty good stuff, all natural and nothing irritating.
  7. if i were u, i would just be happy that all my acne was gone, if my face looked like yours right now, i would be crapping my pants. if im left with scars like yours, which looks like about what im going to have, i will be happy. try vitamin c, and e and sulfur and sum aloe vera gel. or u could try this stuff called SCARGO. i busted open my lip one year, had a massive scar there, put that stuff on, month or so later, u cant even tell its there. its made by a company called home health. has all na
  8. my oil production also decreased after the first day or so, its normal for it too. for total acne clearage(is that a word) it takes usually 2+months. im at month 1 and my face is already starting to look better, its smoothing out and im getting less whiteheads. hopefully by 2 months itll be lookin even better =).
  9. the recommended dose is 10grams a day. split up into about 3 or 4 doses over the course of the day to keep your body in good supply of b5. and yes u should take a b complex, just once a day.
  10. Solid Snake you are so freaking right. the other day i was explaining to my gf how her 10 year old cousin is directly influenced by britney spears and television, and it controls her life. shes ulitmately influenced by it. her response was....i dunno....sumtimes i worry about my gf. heh. but anyways, i agree totally, this world has just gone to shit literally. the media is what kills us too. and politicians. they are just the worst. if they arent corrupt before they go into politics, they will b
  11. I was just wondering how long everyones B5 breakout lasted from when it started till when it started to subside. I am 2 weeks into the treatment, and a little less than one week ive had the breakout.
  12. Nope. Accutane is Vitamin A in a very high synthetic form. All it does is close your porse up so that no acne can come through. also helps heal your skin. Unlike B5 Vitamin A is not water soluble, therefor you cannot OD on B5, but u can on Vitamin A.
  13. Well im having that damn initial breakout. i hope this is the last one i have for the rest of my life. that would be so amazing. im almost 2 weeks into b5, when did everyones breakout lessen and really start healing?