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  1. it's not that bad, but i've got loads of these small bumps that i can only see if the lights on one side of my face. Theres quite a few of them and i just don't know what they are.
  2. how much ACV should you put in a drink? because i'm putting quite alot in and i heard you can loose weight from it
  3. thanks for the replies! i'm going to start cleansing with this tea tree stuff. one other thing though, i don't suppose anyone knows how long it takes for something you eat to show up on your face?
  4. Peanut butter? Most peanut butters contain sugar - unless you find a "no sugar added" one. -also, a lot of natural sugars, like the fructose found in fruits or organic honey, don't typically cause a surge in blood sugar levels, so it's usually okay to eat them in most instances. I have heard of people breaking out because of oranges or bananas, but things like apples or strawberries should usually be okay. Apples actually contain a lot of healthy goodness that will help detoxify your body if
  5. I heared going on a diet is all about allergies, and what ingredients you are allergic to, the most common being gluten. I just wondered how you would go about finding out what your allergic to. Can you go to the doctor, or will they not just test for something small like that. Do you just have to go trial and error, which is what i've been doing and i'm completely unsure about what causes my acne. Any replies would be appreciated!
  6. Don't use BP, it really isn't good for red marks. Bp is very strong stuff and will just make them take way longer to fade. I also break out fairly frequently, but never too bad because im on a diet. I started using baking soda and ACV but it hasn't done too much, and it irritates a bit and i think thats why im getting a few more spots. So i've decided im going to do it every 3 days or something, and the rest of the time use water
  7. Yeah im a bit of a sugar addict, but, although i did it without realising, I've managed to cut out all sugar. I used to eat a fair amount of it, but gradually, when i saw something was bad for you, i would try really hard to cut it out. So eventually i ended up giving up all sugar. I find it easier not eating any sugar rather than i little bit a day, because i know it would progress from there to me eating as much as i used to. I've got to say, peanut butter is a life saver
  8. Is it vital you moisturise after applying the baking soda and ACV because im only using water at the moment and so i don't moisturise generally. I'm going out tomorrow and i hate having to put moisturiser on since it always shows some kind of dryness at some point in the day. Basically does putting baking soda and ACV really dry your skin out? thanks
  9. Hey, i heard that baking soda and ACV are a good combination to use on the skin, and it's meant to work! Im at a similar stage to you, just want to get rid of marks. So yeah im not to sure on how to go about this method, but look it up first because you can't put either on without dilution.
  10. hey i have acne just like yours, which is fairly moderate, and im also a male whos 17 lol. I used Dans regimen for while but my skin just didnt get used to it and i got so tired from doing it morning and night so i decided to give it up. I now use water only, and really try and cut down on sugar and dairly. Trust me, your diet does effect your spots. I am very prone to cysts, and i havent had one for the last few weeks since i cut out these things, it helps. Before going to the BP, i would try u
  11. I found a really similar thing when i was using E45. E45 isn't actually a good moisturiser to use if you've got acne, and the way it broke me out was by these tiny spots just like you described. So maybe it's the stuff your using? unless of course you've been using it for some time?
  12. yeah i actually read today that this helps, and i think i'm going to cut down on fruit, but not altogether because it's so good for you.
  13. I've been on a no sugar diet for about 2 or 3 weeks now. working fine, it's nice to know what breaks me out. But it would be nice to have some substitutes, i heard that honey might be alright? i have no idea so if anyone could tell me some more foods it would be great! thanks