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    sports, party, clubs, girls..im not a jock though, im shy and laid back

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  1. if only you would stay dead, motha fuckaaaa

  2. what happened?

    afk for a while now i see haha.

    holla back.

  3. Hi :) How's going?

  4. rocky got a point..i mean she got jsut as much right to voice an opinion as anyone else right. i mean rob and panda would go in just to be idle, so its not like they did much chatting
  5. I'll pm you an address for another website, you can let your anger out there.
  6. ya mad ya banned?

  7. i don't know why its still a big deal. lets be real, its done and over with and its not coming back, and for the 90% of the regular org chat members..you already have found a new spot and communicate daily still. whats done is done..just time to move on
  8. when will i ever see you again?!