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    Mod's cant run me
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    sports, party, clubs, girls..im not a jock though, im shy and laid back

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  1. if only you would stay dead, motha fuckaaaa

    1. what happened?

      afk for a while now i see haha.

      holla back.

      1. Hi :) How's going?

        1. John-

          Took the chat down

          rocky got a point..i mean she got jsut as much right to voice an opinion as anyone else right. i mean rob and panda would go in just to be idle, so its not like they did much chatting
        2. John-

          Took the chat down

          I'll pm you an address for another website, you can let your anger out there.
        3. ya mad ya banned?

          1. John-

            Took the chat down

            i don't know why its still a big deal. lets be real, its done and over with and its not coming back, and for the 90% of the regular org chat members..you already have found a new spot and communicate daily still. whats done is done..just time to move on
          2. when will i ever see you again?!