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  1. I use to use a body wash but i ran out so i just wash my hair now and to tell u the truth my face has showed no imporvement and new acne is forming around my mouth and nose area.
  2. Im doing absolotely nothing. NOt even washing with water. I take my shower a day and thats it
  3. I had a bunch of red spots on my forehead that are disappearing but my pimpils have like enlarged.
  4. Im done with these silly acne treatments and medications. All they do is make your acne worse and help a little at first and then just quite working. Ive stopped using all acne medication. NO more benzyol or salycic ill take my risk in letting my acne go away on its own. IM 17 my acne period should be over by now right? I think the acne meds was actually making me breakout and now since i stopped using it i wont break out anymore. I dont know but im sick of it and am done with stupid acne
  5. ck27

    Nasty thing

    no its not a open scab its just like im sure uve all gotten them like a yellow hard bubble
  6. ck27

    Nasty thing

    ok well its really gross though will they go away on their own or do i pick them?
  7. Thse like really nasty things form when i use bp i dont know how to explain it but they are like this yellow like bubbles that like come out of the acne hole and harden and they are really gross looking.
  8. Hey should my face be pure red cause it has all this dis colorment like red marks expeically around my nose and spots of it all over
  9. AFter reading this and ive been using sa products great improvement at first and then it just stopped working and my acne came back so fast. I bought the C&C both products that is recommended and am gonna try this? Im just a little nervous aboutpeoples post about their acne getting worse after a few weeks and it stop working. Ive been become so depressed i cnat even look at my face without looking away.... I almost want to cry ive tried so much shit and none of it works and im becoming d
  10. ok face has not much improved since last post. so i bought neutrogena on the spot acne eliminating gel and i will continue to use the acne defense lotion. arg i never knew fighting acne could be so hard. Like every time i look at myself in the mirrow i cant i have to look away.
  11. all my face red marks are gone but the like 8 pimples i have have like enlarged by like 3 times with white stuff inside of them?
  12. Ive noticed with using sa that it is not as hard on the skin as bp and i seem to be getting better results. Like my face doesn't dry out or nothing.
  13. K thanks i will stick to this neutrogena rapid clear and not touch my face no matter what. I also have a theory when you sleep i think that makes your acne worse cause of your face being shoved against a pillow? should i switch pillow sheets every day?
  14. K thanks. I have bad eating habits and yes i do have a problem with picking my pimples well more rubbing but it does the same thing and i try really hard not to touch my face but its like hard not too :S
  15. i just bought Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense Face Lotion is this product any good? I hope it is cause my acne is getting worse as each day goes. The red marks are going but the pimples stay and grow.