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  1. PrettyKitty19

    I have been struggling with acne for 7 years. It is not a picnic, my acne has pitted scars and so many red marks that have been left behind. I had been using bee yummy skin food to control my acne prone skin but it only seemed to do what the over the counter products did....control the acne not get rid of it. I wanted something that would get rid of it, help fade the scars and be natural. It seemed like an impossible task but I searched on the web, youtube, makeup alley, and I came across africa
  2. PrettyKitty19

    It has no pros drying, makes skin red After countless informercials and rave reviews about how this was like the holy grail for acne. I decided to try it. Well let me tell you this stuff is like the worst stuff on earth. The first time I used it,I thought oh man I really hope this works. But long behold two hours later, it turned my skin as red as the devil's a**. I mean perhaps that's a pro because my skin was the same color as my acne. To me it was terrible but I said to myself it's only doin
  3. Some people look away because it makes them uncomfortable. To me, that's just as bad as someone staring. The guy with severe acne, maybe he was staring at you because he like you? Possibly? SOS I don't know but it used to make me feel like crap when people looked away, I could see them through the corner of my eyes It was as if they thought I was the ugliest person in the world. By the way ppl have been looking at me lately like I'm an actual human being...my acne is improving. Pr
  4. People don't look at my face, they look away. It's as if they know, I give beat their ass if they do. The only thing that I really hate is that people who have acne, sometimes worst than mine they stare at me like I'm a phenomenon. It sucks..they make me feel so uncomfortable. Like last Thursday.. this guy who had severe acne kept staring at me like I was a freak. It don't have horrible acne but I use a lott of makeup to cover it up. So it makes me feel uncomfortable and he just kept doing it ev
  5. I've had it for 3 and a half years...I look better without makeup but I'm self conscious about the red marks. Make up justs drys out my skin and makes it look flaky....I'm currently trying to use all natural things and eat the right way. Today is my last day of freedom Tommorow I start a new life if it doesn't get rid of my acne well that at least I'll be healthier and hopefully happier. I don't know when it has been worst maybe it was last year and this year because it seems out of control.
  6. Don't use it!!! It sucks it made my face look like I had run down with a chemical peel. And then it gave me a bad rash that led to an infection. I know you may have spent a lil fortune on it but it's better just to throw it away or give it you're worst enemy. But hey who knows maybe my skin is just sensitive
  7. Hi Fight3R,

    First of all I suggest you not to try Benzoyl Peroxide..or any over the counter treatment. Try natural things because those other products just agrevate acne. The stuff that doctors prescribe make it worst and before you know it you fall into a deep pit. So try a natural approach start eating healthier, no processed foods. Try washing you're face with only truly organic things

  8. Happy B-day!!! I'm 19 too...by the way do you like Twilight or is Bella really you're name

  9. I feel the same way as you Girl3900 about makeup. But I think you'll make it. And Good look, maybe without makeup you'll realize you skin is healthier without it.

  10. It doesn't even look like you have acne at all...good look with the accutane :)

  11. You are really pretty...and you're acne isn't bad at all. I'd say you are getting clearer by the mintue :)

    Anyways I wish you the best of luck.

  12. I can relate to you 100%, I feel the same way as you. Sometimes when I'm at school, I feel like people are constantly talking about me. Or even just at home.
  13. You are really positive! I wish I was a lot more like you and other people should be like that too.